EP Approval Time May/June 2022

Hi All,

My case
EP applied: April 29th
EP rejected: May 6th
Rejected Reason: One or more of your candidate's qualification are questionable. We are therefore unable to grant a work pass

Next step : Completed the background check and submitted report
Appeal submitted to MOM for Epass : 18th May
EP approved status: Pending

Industry: IT Consulting and Services

Current location: India

Question : I wanted to check what are the chances of EP getting approved for the above case.

Question : I wanted to check what are the chances of EP getting approved for the above case. - @Wreckit17

Hows hould anyone here know?!?
Wait for MoM's decision and you have the answer!

Or, to say the same in other words: If the authenticity of your certs is now accepted by MoM (which we cannot know), then the other aspects and requirements are now getting checked by MoM (we also don't know the results). If all of these are o.k., then your application will be approved - otherwise not.
@beppi Thanks for your response. My intention about asking this question was out of anxiety and trying to find, if anybody in the forum came across similar situation.
@beppi Thanks for your response. My intention about asking this question was out of anxiety and trying to find, if anybody in the forum came across similar situation.
- @Wreckit17

I am on this forum for over ten years and came across many, many similar situations. Your anxiety is understandable, but does not help. No two cases are comparable - even if we knew all details (which of course we don't).
Hi ,  anyone can let me know if the status will be changed and we can see that in the Portal if the employer have resubmitted for reject EP  ?
A re-submission is effectively a new application and shown as such in EPOnline.

@beppi how okay ,what if it was  appealed, i mean with the update details  can i view it as well ?

Hi all,

Have anyone in the thread have got approval applied in May.

My employer applied on May 18th.
And found status updated as pending on May 27th and it remains the same till today.
Asking just to get hopes and wishing everyone the best of luck 👍🙂

@vijayvijay1100 applied on 12 May and still waiting patiently


Probably expecting both of us will clear this week.

Best of luck to you as well
I am still waiting.

Applied : 26th April

Additional document submitted  : 12th May.

Status: still pending.

@beppi how okay ,what if it was  appealed, i mean with the update details  can i view it as well ?

- @ashdon4u
This has been answered many times on the forum (please read before you ask!): No, an appealed application remains "rejected" until a final decision is made.

@vijayvijay1100 Definitely Vijay.. Some folks in my current company got their EP in 5 to 6 working days.. 

EP applied: 25th May
EP approved: 30th May

Industry: Banking
Current location: USA
Indian citizen
Master degree

Processing took 3 business days.
@Tech0480 seems trend thar Banking Sectors approval coming pretty Fast.. 


Hi, I got approval this morning.
Hope and wish you to get asap

@vijayvijay1100 congrats i am still waiting 

Wow..!  Just now I have seen the MOM.

My EP is approved today after one month wait.

Thanks to all and I wish you all for quick approval.

@Jacky99 Congratulations Jacky .. Do pray for me.

@Jacky99 Congratulations Jacky .. Do pray for me.

- @sonuengg123

Thank you @sonuengg123.

My sincere prayer and wishes for your early pass approval.
EP applied: May 26th

IT industry, Chinese, >8k salary, Master Degree

@sonuengg123 It's the higher salary bracket, not de industry. Congratulations all! 

Guys i got my approval today.. took 21 Days in total but at the end of the day its worth it.
@sonuengg123 congrats!

Edit: I checked mine after sending this reply. I got the approval today as well, after roughly 2 weeks. Very relieved and happy!
Congrats all.  I've been following this forum and thanks for the useful data points.

My EP approval has been pending since 4 May. So 4 weeks now (29 days)... 

Employer called up MOM hotline this week and was told to call back again if did not hear back in 3 days.  But does this actually mean anything?  Or it is just a standard MOM response? 
Congratulations @withyou18 @sonuengg123 

I am still waiting for my result!
Congrats to all who got the approval. And thanks to users like @beppi for helpful answers. 

My EP was applied yesterday 1st June. Been in Singapore since 2013. Salary 15k+. Industry: FinTech. 

Came here to seek some answers but got everything in this + other threads. So just leaving being thankful and happy for some of the folks here. 

Just need to keep calm and trust MoM people :-)

Thank you all. It is true that all we can do is to wait for MOM, so I wish you all the best of luck!

@Elnino09 you will get your approval either on 3rd or 6th June.. With your profile it wont take more than 3 working days..

@withyou18 You will get your approval soon.. All best wishes with you :)

Congrats to all who got approved! How much was your % hike in salary?

In my case:

Applied: Apr 21
Rejected: May 17 (High salary)
Appealed: May 18

@sgep Hi - I don't think it depends on the percentage increase in salary. Maybe the salary given to you corresponding to the job level/ band is not aligned? That would be my best guess. I think your hiring firm should consider giving you a higher job level.

Hello dear friends,

I have recently arrived in Singapore on a 1-year EP (just 1 week back) and gradually getting onboarded with the client company.
In the meantime, I have received another offer and another consultancy is ready to process my EP again. (salary increase of SGD 1000)
Is it advisable to apply for EP again?
One of my friend informed me that changing companies at such a short duration (1 week) may not be a good idea and may derail my chances of getting PR in the long-term. He was saying something in the lines of "track record getting affected".

Can you please provide your valuable suggestions? I want to understand consequences from MoM perspective.

P.S: I'll, of course, be taking care of contract breach penalty with my first employer

We don't know how it would affect PR chances (after all, that is several years into the future for you), but it is well known that job-hopping is considered negative by MoM and your EP application could be rejected due to this.

Try to stay in one job at least three years!
The expat forum has been super informative for me during my long and strenuous wait. I wanted to provide my story here to give a bit of hope to others who might be in a similar situation:

EP Applied: March 24th 2022
Request additional documents: April 22nd 2022
IPA Issued: May 23rd 2022

The status on EP Online was 'pending' all the way through this period. My HR has been very proactive though, submitted a cover letter with the additional documents without being asked for it and after 3 weeks of both submission, followed up with MoM 2 times per week. 

Additional documents asked included my bank statements and salary slips. The company was asked for documents as well but I am not privy to the details on this. 

The reason i think my application took as long as it did was because it was scrutinised on a few aspects the moderators on this forum have raised. Could be any or all of the below:

1. Quick job switch (6 months in Singapore on my EP but been with the same employer for 3+ years in total outside SG)
2. High base salary jump (>50%)
3. New company is a startup and not many employees in Singapore

What worked for me (this is an opinion only, I have no facts to back this up): without going into a lot of detail, my experience and education were a a strong fit for the role in a niche yet important industry for SG. 

Based on my experience, I can say that scrutiny due to various reasons bumps up the application time by a fair amount. This application took 2 months, my previous EP a few months ago took <2 weeks.  

But if you are a good fit for the role, your salary is justified by market standards, and your company is not in poor standing with MoM, there is hope. Even though the wait may be very long, and you have all the conventional reasons for being rejected, it isn't over till its over. So keep the hope alive!

I want to end by thanking the moderators on this forum for answering questions and educating the rest of us. 

@beppi thanks your suggestion

@jsanjaya168 Hihi, have u gotten your EP approval yet? My application was submitted around the same time but haven't heard back. Starting to get a little anxious... 

EP applied: 9 May
EP status: Pending
Industry: E-Commerce
Current location: Singapore
Indonesian citizen
Master's degree
Salary >5k
- @jsanjaya168
Hi @jsanjaya168, have u gotten an approval yet? My application was submitted around the same time but haven't heard back till today. Starting to get a little anxious... 
My EP  got approved today guys. 

Applied on 23rd May 2022

Approved 6 Jun 2022

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturing 

Citizen : Indian

Masters degree 

Salary <4K

@shankarshankar Congrats mate! Thanks for sharing.