EP Approval Time May/June 2022

@tapxedotmoc Wow thats super Long man..


did you try expediting?

you may ask the HR to expedite your application.

@timtamy Yes, I've asked HR & the agency which submitted the application to follow up with MOM. Unfortunately, they didn't say anything concrete on terms, so we just wait

@jsanjaya168 same here bro.. last time it took in total 17 days for me when i changed my company.. some ppl are getting it quite fast like in 6 or 7 days.. mine is already clocked 11 days in total now.. Lets see hopefully can get soon..

- @sonuengg123

Did yours get approved? I have kinda similar dates and wondering why it's taking so long!

@ms12345 not yet

Didn`t heard about any EP/SP approvals since 18th May on this forum...

When ur application is expedited you get a reference number and then can call MOM customer care to follow up. The expeditions have a different number than your application.

Ask for the number from your HR and follow up May be.
My case:
EP applied: 07 May
Additional document submitted: 20 May
EP approved: Pending

Industry: Banking and Finance
Current location: India
Bachelor's degree

@Jacky99 I have almost the same dates of application + follow up docs as you. Did you hear back yet?

- @ms12345

Not yet. Still it's showing as pending.

@bhaskarnemala369 Additional Documents from your side or from Employer side?

@sonuengg123 Additional documents from my side. Do you happen to know if the usual timeline of 2-3 weeks starts from the initial submission date, or the date of submission of additional documents?

@bhaskarnemala369 I'm positive that it is 3 weeks from the day you submitted the additional documents in this case.

All: Please read my long first post in the "How long will my work pass application take" thread. It can take anywhere between 2 weeks and two months (even shorter or longer in special cases) and complications like additional document requests of course slow things down. There is alsonothing you (or the employer) can do to make it faster.

The discussion about howlong it takes, and comparison between different cases, comes of on this forum almost every day, but is ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS!

@bhaskarnemala369 Bhaskar i am not sure if it resets the time line but i guess it should go smooth once you have submitted additional documents. May i ask what documents they needed?

@withyou18 Thanks!

@sonuengg123 They just asked for my updated resume, which i did not submit earlier.

@vijayvijay1100 write on Google Check work pass status and open first link of mom.. Select Language and give consent and put your Date of Birth and FIN/Passport number to check

My EP approved today.

Applied = 05/13, Approved = 05/27 ~10 working days

Field : Software Eng. 7 YOE, Salary 7k

@socialmahmm congratulations

Good luck

EP application was submitted on April 7 and still pending. Industry - IT, salary is above 99 percentile for the industry, 20 years of experience.

I've been working in SG for 10 years in few companies on EPs and PEP and never has been waiting for so long for EP approvals.
- @tapxedotmoc
Just got approval for my pass 1f61d.svg Total waiting time - 7 weeks and 3 days!
My application:

New EP

Location: SG

Applied: 4 May

Status: Pending until now.  Been 23 days so far

Praying and keeping fingers crossed for a positive approval for myself soon

Good luck to all!

Congrats!  Was your application pending all the way, and no follow up questions from MOM or additional materials required?
My application:

New EP

Location: SG

Applied: 4 May

Status: Pending until now.  Been 23 days so far

Praying and keeping fingers crossed for a positive approval for myself soon

Good luck to all!

Which industry?  Hope so you can get soon.

@sssjj Thank you! No follow up questions from MOM, the application was in Pending status all the time.

@tapxedotmoc it must have been a relief when you got the approval.

Did your employer expedite/follow up with MOM a few times?

I too am quite anxious on mine given the timeline !

@ms12345 not yet

- @sonuengg123

Any update on ur pass?

@sonuengg123 Nope, nothing yet - still pending. What about you?

@ms12345 same here just waiting..

I'm applying for S Pass.

Date applied: May 19
Status: Pending
Current location: Vietnam
Field: IT/Construction company
Salary: $3k

Wish all of us here the best!
- @withyou18

What is update on your Pass?

Industry : IT

Document submitted by HR : 29 April 2022
Current status: Pending status as on May 17 2023
YoE: 11y
Current location : India
1st time EP application: Yes

My employer did a follow up on May 12 with MoM. No query/concern raised by MoM. They just asked to wait.

But I'm starting to get worried.
- @SunilAl

Bhai Any update?

@sonuengg123 Still pending. It's been only a week so I guess it's still a long way to go, but I can see how anxious it feels. Hang in there guys!

@withyou18 But your application date was 29th April right?

Hi , can anyone let me know how the reject status will be in portal,i got it as below,if rejected where i can check the reason

"Your application has not been approved. Please talk to your employer or agent."

EP applied :-28th May 2022

Status :-update today as above

@sonuengg123 no, it was May 19. I'm worried because my salary is quite low. The higher your salary is, the higher chance your application gets approved/gets approved fast.

@ashdon4u If MOM gave a reason, either your employer or agent should know about it. You submitted the application just 2 days ago and already got rejected, it means something is obviously incorrect right at the beginning that they had to reject it. Check with your employer!

@ashdon4u your EP got rejected in 2 days? Well they will send the letter to your employer with a reason mentione.. is this your first EP? Are u in Sg or overseas?

@withyou18 its not true but did you check on SAT that if your salary is ok for you to get the EP? That shall be guideline before applying

@sonuengg123 ya it was applied on Friday ,my employer said he did not get any update.

my Profile
in Singapore from last 8 year (total 13 year)
as of now working in MNC .
A crypto startup applies EP and my EP is the first time for them, took 60% hike as itis a startup and have more responsibilities  .

can the reason be with my profile? or mistake with the company

@ashdon4u check reason with your employer and the letter should have stated reason for rejection but rejecting in 2 days is very weird..