Who can help an expat better than another expatriate?

Dedicated to life abroad, Expat.com is the leading website to make your expat project a success.

It provides free information and advice to expats and expats-to-be, by inviting them to share their experience.

Our goal is to help all those living or wishing to live overseas: everybody can participate!

Quick facts

Created in 2005 as Expat blog

Located in Port Louis, Mauritius

3 million members

Present in over 500 cities and 197 countries

Available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Julien Faliu

CEO & Founder

Julien Faliu


Living abroad since 2003

Specialized in software engineering and business management, Julien has worked ever since in online business. Following his professional commitments, he has moved to various countries: Great-Britain, Spain, France and Mauritius where he currently lives.


Such as our members, our team is multicultural with a mixture of knowledge and skills of professionals who have lived abroad.


A plurilingual and dedicated team takes care of each community, welcoming the new members, guiding them through the website. The moderation team makes sure that all the exchanges go smoothly. Friendly and helpful, you will meet the moderators on the forum!


Our highly qualified web developers have designed and created expat.com, making it the reference among expats? websites. In charge of the website architecture, they offer you a unique space to easily access to the information you are looking for.

Marketing & Communication

The marketing and communication team offers to meet the expats needs worldwide, introducing new services for expatriates and helping professionals to widen their audience.

The Experts

The Experts help Expat.com on the forums at the local level.

They are volunteers who decided to get more involved in the community, helping you by answering on the forum to your questions on their country of residence.

Experts are not moderators but help the team locally to make the forums lively.

Members of Expat.com, they have to respect the same rules as the whole community.

You will find more details on the experts and how to join the team by clicking here.