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The Experts

Share your expat experience and help expats and soon-to-be expats in their project.

Join our Experts team: answer their questions, share your knowledge of local expat life and talk with them on the forum.

The Experts

Who's an Expert?

Experts are volunteer members who wish to get involved and contribute to the community by helping other members. Being expats for a long time, they are able to share information and advice on their host country, from formalities to settling in the daily life.

Experts are not moderators. They make the forum lively and offer to answer the questions and doubts of our members in a friendly atmosphere. They can still help the moderation team by informing them on any problem on the forum.

How to become an Expert?

The Experts' qualities:

  • Willingness to help
  • Being friendly and benevolent
  • Giving great advice and useful information
  • Participating actively on the forum

The moderation team will identify on the forum the members corresponding to these criteria.

Should you wish to become an expert, contact us through the form below. You can also recommend a member and tell us why you think he/she could be a great Expert.

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