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What is the state of abortion laws in the European Union?
Everyday life
What is the state of abortion laws in the European Union?
Until now, Malta has been the only country in the European Union with a total ban on abortion, but that might soon change. Safe and legal abortion is available on request in most EU countries and is often even fully funded by the state. Apart from Malta, only Poland currently has highly restrictive access to abortion. Meanwhile, the rise of the far-right in Italy has awakened the fears of pro-choice citizens and expats there.
Which are the world's biggest real estate bubbles
Which are the world's biggest real estate bubbles
Property prices are soaring! The effect of these surging prices was already being felt before the health crisis and has since become more pronounced. While real estate is considered a strong safe haven, especially in times of crisis, all indicators are in the red. The situation is particularly critical in China and is tending to cause havoc in other markets around the world, in North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. Between overheating and running out of steam, the real estate crisis is sending contradictory signals to the entire business world. Let's decrypt the situation in some of these countries affected by the real estate crisis.
Work, inflation, rising rent: These restrictions are affecting international students
Everyday life
Work, inflation, rising rent: These restrictions are affecting ...
One thing is for sure! Everyday life has become very challenging since the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, the energy crisis and inflation have only made things more stressful for international students. Finding a job to meet the increasing expenses has become essential. But how does one deal with the balance between studies and work? How does work fit into the life of an international student?

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These Canadian provinces are the most in need of expats
These Canadian provinces are the most in ...
Canadian Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser's latest announcements have been reported in all international media. Professionals around the world see it as a new opportunity to grasp their Canadian dream. However, some provinces need foreign labor more than others, and the government could direct the new skilled immigrants to regions that are particularly affected. 
UAE's free-zone visa's validity reduced from 3 to 2 years
UAE's free-zone visa's validity reduced from ...
In October, the United Arab Emirates started implementing a series of visa reforms. In an effort to standardize work visas, in November, it reduced the free-zone visa's validity from 3 to 2 years. This visa allows expats to fully own companies in designated free-zones. While this change is not deeply disrupting the business plans of free-zone visa holders, it is indirectly increasing the cost of renewing their visas.
These countries still require Covid vaccination for expats and travelers
These countries still require Covid ...
By late 2022, most countries have already eased all Covid-related travel restrictions. However, a few countries, for instance, the US, the UAE and Indonesia, still require vaccination. Japan even requires a booster shot to consider a foreign national fully vaccinated. Some countries also accept a negative PCR test or a quarantine period as an equivalent to vaccination.

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The Barcelona International Welcome Desk is a success amongst expats and to be-expats
Barcelona City Council
The Barcelona International Welcome Desk is ...
Barcelona International Welcome Desk website has had almost 3,000 visits per month since it was launched in November 2021.
Portugal's visa reform could scrap the controversial Golden Visa
Holborn Assets
Portugal's visa reform could scrap the ...
Portugal is currently overhauling its visa system. In July, reforms made to the Law on Foreign Nationals created a 120-day Jobseeker Visa for third-country nationals to look for employment in the country. Later, in November, the Prime Minister also announced that the controversial Golden Visa could soon be scrapped.
Your move abroad checklist
AGS Déménagements
Your move abroad checklist
That's it, you're going abroad! You can't wait to be in your new home and build a new life for yourself. But first, you have to organize the move. And that's a whole other ballgame. Enter: our moving abroad partner AGS with this super practical moving checklist.


Common reasons why visa applications can be denied
Common reasons why visa applications can be ...
In 2021, France was the country in the Schengen area that rejected the most visa applications from Algerian nationals (32 000 applications). It was also the country that accepted the most (44,032 applications). The reason for this increase in the number of refusals is essentially political. France decided to reduce the number of visas granted to Algerians in response to Algeria's refusal to take back its nationals who were staying illegally in France. 
Americans are increasingly attracted to these countries
Cost of living
Americans are increasingly attracted to ...
Driven by a thirst for adventure, the lower cost of living abroad, and political dissatisfaction, Americans are moving abroad in rising numbers again in 2022, when most of the world's border restrictions have been lifted. Mexico and Portugal, in particular, have recently gained a lot of popularity as expat destinations for Americans, especially digital nomads. 
Can you lose your work permit if you're away from your expat country for too long?
Can you lose your work permit if you're away ...
Does being the holder of a work permit in your expat country mean that everything is possible? In the era of remote work and digital nomadism, the work permit is quite likely to be mistaken for a visa with all possibilities. Although it does grant rights to foreign workers, it also comes with a set of rules. What are the risks in case of infringement? Are you allowed to leave your host country for as long as you want?
Which are the new hotspots for international students?
Schools & studies
Which are the new hotspots for international ...
Two major events disrupted international student mobility during the past years – Brexit and the Covid pandemic. However, international mobility has picked up again with border reopenings worldwide, and some countries are among the new favorites among students. Which are they, and how are they beneficial for international students?
Four-day week: A boost to international careers?
Four-day week: A boost to international ...
Presented as one of the new flexicurity solutions, the four-day week seems to have a lot of benefits. Young workers, especially generation Z, are especially favorable to the option. While physicians and sociologists are researching the phenomenon, countries are experimenting with the new system by conducting full-scale tests. How does the four-day work week impact the lives of expatriates? Should it be part of the criteria for choosing your next destination?
Expats and fans amid the World Cup 2022 Qatar
Everyday life
Expats and fans amid the World Cup 2022 Qatar
The whole world has eyes on Qatar for this 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, which is taking place from November 20 to December 18h. How do expats in Qatar feel about this major event? How is the stay organized for those who make the trip to be with the soccer world? What is the general feeling among those who are attending the matches? And what about those who are calling for a boycott? 

Expat interviews

From Cagliari to Lisbon for work: An expat's story
From Cagliari to Lisbon for work: An expat's ...
Christian moved to Portugal four years ago. He left Sardinia to go to work in sunny Lisbon. He had no difficulties adjusting to his new life. He loves spending his free time playing soccer, surfing, meeting friends and exploring the country, which reminds him so much of home.
From Cuba to Montenegro for a better future
From Cuba to Montenegro for a better future
In recent years, Montenegro has become one of the most popular destinations for Cubans. Why is this so? What are the procedures for moving and settling there for work? Is it hard to adapt there? Yanexis, who recently moved there, tells us about her experience.      
Expat couple gets a fresh start in Albania
Expat couple gets a fresh start in Albania
Two years of pandemic and scarce career opportunities in Italy convinced Anna and her husband to move to Durrës in Albania, where they have been living for a few months already. She believes that if she could have gone back in time, she would have made this choice earlier. Anna talks to about everything she loves about this beach town.

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Entrepreneurship in the USA: The E2 visa amid the Covid-pandemic
Entrepreneurship in the USA: The E2 visa ...
As the year 2021 comes to an end, we're hoping for this very stressful period for expatriates all over the world to be over. Expats living in the USA on an E2 visa have been faced with a particularly complicated situation. In addition to the pandemic's impact on their businesses, they will also have administrative difficulties obtaining visas or even their renewal.
Life as an expat in South Africa
Everyday life
Life as an expat in South Africa
From October 1, 2021, South Africa moved to Alert Level 1 after multiple Covid-19 peaks, and life is slowly getting back to normal. Hannah, an expat from the UK, was lucky enough to relocate to Cape Town in September following her husband's intra-company transfer. She shares her views about expat life in the country she now calls home.
Opinion: Does being an expat mean I'll always be the outsider?
Everyday life
Opinion: Does being an expat mean I'll ...
Does being an expat mean always being the outsider? Not quite at home in your host country and a little bit of a stranger to your home country. Stephanie discusses how she navigates this identity as a Brit living in Paris.
Please, don't ask me these expat-related questions again
Please, don't ask me these expat-related ...
Expatriation started as a necessity when I was looking to progress with my academic studies of a Master's degree in England. However, it was earlier in my life, when I began travelling for leisure, that I figured out moving countries is a lifestyle I would like to revel in. Since 2007, I have lived and worked in five countries in Europe, Africa, and East Asia, and I am currently preparing for my next expatriation project. I may find it easier to board a plane and start all over again than deciding what to have for dinner, but the journey is not anxiety and sorrow-free. So, if you are interested in how a life away from everything you take for granted is, please don't ask me (or any other like-minded expat for that matter) any of the following questions — here's why.
Moving countries: Why I am more with less
Moving countries: Why I am more with less
I have always been very thoughtful about the things I own, and how I organise them in my space — whether it's the tiny studio in South Korea, the shared-flat in Ghana, or the two-floor house in Mauritius. I love change, and I see moving to a different country as an opportunity to reset my reality and rediscover myself; living abroad helps me look at things with fresh eyes and get rid of preconceptions. Packing is a big part of the whole moving process, and when you have to limit your belongings down to two suitcases, you reconsider the value of possessions. Here's how I learned to put my life on the scale and hit the 23 kg target.

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Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic
Everyday life
Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic
Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

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News at a glance: Firemen struggle to control of Mare Chicose landfill fire
News at a glance: Firemen struggle to ...
The Mare-Chicose landfill has been in flames for several days, an ecological disaster. Also in the news, more than 1,000 families do not have access to electricity and drinking water.
"Graines de Boss" is opening up to ...
Fabrice Delon, the “Graines de Boss” CEO, talks about his project and his plans to expand to Mauritius. He encourages local companies which are less than 5 years old to apply as of December 1st, 2022.
Mauritian creole expression: Bav dan minn
Mauritian creole expression: Bav dan minn is back with a new Mauritian creole expression that will help you blend right in. This week's expression is "bav dan minn".