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From New York to Mexico: Tales of an expat mum
From New York to Mexico: Tales of an expat ...
Originally from New York, Sara has quite an interesting story to tell. On travelling to Mexico for the first time when she was 18, she immediately fell in love with the country. Today, she lives in Veracruz with her multicultural family. From an English teacher before the pandemic, she converted into a publisher and is enjoying being an entrepreneurr.
Relaxed rules in the UAE to retain expats
Relaxed rules in the UAE to retain expats
After more than a very complicated year for travel and international mobility, many countries are reopening slowly and smoothly. Amid the uncertainty and hopes for a better tomorrow, the United Arab Emirates is implementing new rules to attract expatriates from all over the world to revive their economy.
Expats and the Pandora papers
Expats and the Pandora papers
On October 3, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a non-profit organization, released a damning new report on global tax evasion. The same organization is behind the Panama papers (2016), which shook economies and political systems worldwide. In 2021, the Pandora papers scandal reveals that the promises of 2016 were far from being kept.
Tax reforms in Belgium: What is changing for expats
Tax reforms in Belgium: What is changing for ...
On October 12, the declaration of the Belgian Prime Minister looked like a Marshall Plan. The objective is to reduce budgetary costs while relaunching employment in the country. Even though the Prime Minister has not mentioned expatriates, this does not mean that the tax reform will spare them. So what is changing in 2022, and what should expats expect?
Genders and expatriation: the five most LGBTQIA+ and no binary friendly countries
Genders and expatriation: the five most ...
In an era of reaffirmation of identities, thriving cultures have been recognizing and integrating no binary and LGBTQIA+ people through social politics, laws, and cultural representation. From a critical gender perspective, some countries are acknowledging not only two sexes (men/women), but a plurality of them, expanding the possibilities of gender and sexual orientation. 
The adventure of a Dominican expat in Finland
The adventure of a Dominican expat in Finland
Born in the Dominican Republic, Dolores is a psychologist. Having lived in Spain for 19 years, she also has Spanish nationality. But two years ago, she relocated to Finland, where she founded an association of Dominican professionals. She talks to us about her expat experience in her new home.
New COVID-19 situation in Australia and New Zealand
New COVID-19 situation in Australia and New ...
Covid came unexpectedly and struck the whole world. Between lockdowns and “waves”, some regions have dealt with it better than others. Notably, Australia and New Zealand were among the countries famous for their strict measures, and they proudly showed that they have managed to keep for a while the number of cases at a minimum. But at what cost?
New high-risk countries and immigration implications
New high-risk countries and immigration ...
The pandemic made everyone's lives complicated. After the first travel limitations, the international borders for many countries have opened (with some ongoing exceptions), and restrictions moved based on the seasonal waves and immunization throughout countries. Like everyone, you are probably starving for a new nomad adventure. In order to make your journey as safe as possible, you will need to be informed about the regulations between countries, as well as the risk areas around the world. 
Switzerland says yes to marriage for all genders
Switzerland says yes to marriage for all ...
Switzerland is the 29th country in the world to have legalised marriage for all genders after Costa Rica, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Taiwan, Malta, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Ecuador, etc. This massive “yes” is a big victory for LGBTQIA + activists and a call for all other countries around the world that are still against same-sex marriages. Mostly European countries have done it so far. As Switzerland makes its “coming out”, the first weddings are expected as early as July 2022.
Hong-Kong: The sanitary measures are further driving people away
Hong-Kong: The sanitary measures are further ...
After the exodus caused by the riots, more expats are now choosing to leave Hong Kong due to the frustration over the city's Coronavirus restrictions and lack of a clear reopening plan. Hong Kong has embraced a strategy that emphasises social distancing, limiting travel and shutting most non-residents out, except when coming from China and Macao. Expats and even locals arriving in the city have to contend with one of the world's longest quarantines, paying to isolate in a hotel room for up to three weeks.
Campaigning for the rights of expat children in the Netherlands
Campaigning for the rights of expat children ...
Originally from Ecuador, Andrea is a mom and lawyer who has been living in the Netherlands for nine years now. After the country introduced a travel ban for family members from outside the European Union, she started a campaign for helping expat children in the Netherlands reunite with their parents and grandparents. But in May 2021, the government finally lifted this entry ban under certain conditions. Andrea talks to about the impact of this campaign and expat children's rights in the Netherlands.
Justin Trudeau re-elected: What does this mean for immigration in Canada?
Justin Trudeau re-elected: What does this ...
The Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau was re-elected on September 20 with a minority government. This vote can be defined as the trust of Canadian residence in the Prime Minister. In this pandemic era, the support of the whole nation for another new four-year mandate is crucial. Other political parties have been talking about their ambitions regarding immigration, but it looks like the Liberal Party won the hearts with its proposed policies.
Brexit: When things get worse for UK and EU expats
Brexit: When things get worse for UK and EU ...
Post-Brexit immigration has become a major issue over the past months. Things that looked pretty straightforward initially are now getting more complex, especially with the Covid-19 crisis. So with the labour shortage, a crisis in the fishing industry, disillusionment with mixed couples, what will immigration in the United Kingdom look like in the coming months?
Border reopenings: A ray of hope for immigration
Border reopenings: A ray of hope for ...
This September, many countries reopened their borders (Canada, Senegal, etc.); others are planning to follow suit (United States, Australia). It is indeed great news for people who were looking to move abroad. The new world map shows a majority of countries open to vaccinated travellers, but with certain restrictions. But immigration still largely relies on government announcements. In such circumstances, considering the pandemic, is it still possible to plan international relocation?
Thailand lures wealthy expats amid the pandemic
Thailand lures wealthy expats amid the ...
Thailand has been hard hit by the economic crisis brought by the pandemic. Still, to trigger growth, the country looks determined to get back on track, first by containing the pandemic and then by bringing back foreigners. Current results are encouraging. The contamination rate has gone down, and vaccinated foreigners are now allowed into the main Thai tourist spots.
Why Japan is an attractive country for foreign professionals
Why Japan is an attractive country for ...
For more than a year, it has been assumed that the global health crisis would have a negative impact on international relocation. But it looks like Japan has reversed the situation. Ranking consistently as one of the world's most expensive countries (with a high cost of living in Tokyo, especially), Japan also stands out for its high expat packages. Is that supposed to be good news for foreign workers?
An expat's views on life in the United States in the Covid-19 era
An expat's views on life in the United ...
Diego was born and raised in the province of Verona, Italy. Two years ago, he relocated to Georgia, in the United States. He currently works as an electronic engineer in Atlanta. Diego talks to about his adventure abroad.
Covid-19, vaccination and booster doses: news around the world
Covid-19, vaccination and booster doses: ...
Faced with the threat of the Delta variant, the measures are toughening up: compulsory vaccination,  selective reopening of borders... The populations are divided between support for government measures, fears for the future, and sometimes violent demonstrations. Economic imperatives, climate emergency, international tensions ... Global news remains marked by great uncertainty, while the Covid-19 continues to prevail.