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These non-European countries are the best for European expats
These non-European countries are the best ...
Moving overseas is an enriching experience that many Europeans seek every year. While some prefer to stay in Europe, others choose to go on a great adventure on the other side of the world and sometimes even stay there for good. Which are currently the most attractive non-European countries for Europeans?
What is the state of abortion laws in the European Union?
What is the state of abortion laws in the ...
Until now, Malta has been the only country in the European Union with a total ban on abortion, but that might soon change. Safe and legal abortion is available on request in most EU countries and is often even fully funded by the state. Apart from Malta, only Poland currently has highly restrictive access to abortion. Meanwhile, the rise of the far-right in Italy has awakened the fears of pro-choice citizens and expats there.
Work, inflation, rising rent: These restrictions are affecting international students
Work, inflation, rising rent: These ...
One thing is for sure! Everyday life has become very challenging since the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, the energy crisis and inflation have only made things more stressful for international students. Finding a job to meet the increasing expenses has become essential. But how does one deal with the balance between studies and work? How does work fit into the life of an international student?
Expats and fans amid the World Cup 2022 Qatar
Expats and fans amid the World Cup 2022 Qatar
The whole world has eyes on Qatar for this 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, which is taking place from November 20 to December 18h. How do expats in Qatar feel about this major event? How is the stay organized for those who make the trip to be with the soccer world? What is the general feeling among those who are attending the matches? And what about those who are calling for a boycott? 
From Cagliari to Lisbon for work: An expat's story
From Cagliari to Lisbon for work: An expat's ...
Christian moved to Portugal four years ago. He left Sardinia to go to work in sunny Lisbon. He had no difficulties adjusting to his new life. He loves spending his free time playing soccer, surfing, meeting friends and exploring the country, which reminds him so much of home.
US mid-terms: Democrats rejoice over no Red wave
US mid-terms: Democrats rejoice over no Red ...
The US is witnessing a close battle between Democrats and Republicans. On Tuesday, November 8, American voters were called to the polls for the midterm elections. They had to vote for the renewal of the entire House of Representatives, a third of the Senate, a series of local elected positions; they also had to decide on referendums. The results begin to fall on November 9. There was no red wave but a fierce struggle between the two camps. The proclamation of the final results is likely to take a few more days, but here's what we can already deduce from these elections.
When a country's culture attracts expats
When a country's culture attracts expats
Whether you're seeking a great adventure, new career prospects and a professional challenge or to fulfill a childhood dream, so many reasons can lead one to want to move abroad. But what is it about a culture that attracts individuals to the point of motivating them to move abroad? What are these inspiring cultures?
These countries have the largest immigrant populations
These countries have the largest immigrant ...
Canada is set to welcome 450,000 immigrants yearly by 2024. The country is looking to keep attracting international talent and is counting on its excellent track record to stay on top of the list of the most popular expat destinations. Which other countries have the highest immigrant populations and what are their current policies?
US midterm elections: How has Biden performed so far?
US midterm elections: How has Biden ...
With the midterms just a few days away, the Democratic party is holding its breath. Will the Biden administration keep the majority? What is the performance of the Biden administration like when we look back on the infrastructure bill, student debt, inflation, and abortion rights, amongst other issues? How do expatriates in the US feel about the current policies?    
Why do most expats leave Switzerland within 10 years?
Why do most expats leave Switzerland within ...
While Switzerland's great quality of life keeps attracting new expats, a new study by the Federal Statistical Office reveals that most are likely to leave within a decade. This might partly be explained by how integrating into Swiss culture in the long-term presents many challenges.            
From Cuba to Montenegro for a better future
From Cuba to Montenegro for a better future
In recent years, Montenegro has become one of the most popular destinations for Cubans. Why is this so? What are the procedures for moving and settling there for work? Is it hard to adapt there? Yanexis, who recently moved there, tells us about her experience.      
Expat couple gets a fresh start in Albania
Expat couple gets a fresh start in Albania
Two years of pandemic and scarce career opportunities in Italy convinced Anna and her husband to move to Durrës in Albania, where they have been living for a few months already. She believes that if she could have gone back in time, she would have made this choice earlier. Anna talks to about everything she loves about this beach town.
How to stay close to your roots when you're an expat
How to stay close to your roots when you're ...
When you have been living abroad for years, and you are fully integrated into your new country, it can be difficult to stay in touch with your native culture. As the years go by, you become more and more detached from the current events in your country of origin, you watch fewer and fewer films or series produced there, you see less and less of your compatriots, and sometimes you barely speak your native language. So, what can you do to avoid searching for words in your native language and feeling completely disconnected from your former life?
Canada set to unveil 2023-2025 immigration targets in November
Canada set to unveil 2023-2025 immigration ...
On November 1, Canada will announce its 2023-2025 Immigration Levels Plan. Each year, this plan resets permanent immigration targets for the next coming years. It gives a breakdown of how many newcomers of each migration class the country wants to welcome. The federal government is also intent on increasing immigration in Quebec despite the Quebecois government's opposition to it.
Martinique: A mix of simplicity and lightheartedness for expats
Martinique: A mix of simplicity and ...
We are in 2018 when Monica and her husband, along with their children, decided to go on a trip. They were both employed in the retail industry in Italy and wanted to take charge of their lives and experience new sensations. So, they moved to Malta, and then to Spain amidst the pandemic. Then, one day, an unexpected opportunity came knocking at their door: a job in Martinique! They didn't waste any time and rushed to this island in the West Indies, a French overseas department.
From Alexandria to Coimbra: A retired expat couple's adventure
From Alexandria to Coimbra: A retired expat ...
Carla and Walter are an Italian expat couple who now live in Portugal. Retired, they left the gray of Alexandria to settle in Coimbra. They talk to about what makes their new home a great place to live in.
How expats are experiencing the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
How expats are experiencing the lead-up to ...
In late November, Qatar is set to become the smallest country to ever host the FIFA World Cup. This exciting sporting event is being marred by international boycotts over the treatment of workers who built the World Cup facilities. The event is also affecting accommodation prices, visa issuance, and the school calendar for expat families. 
The Netherlands is facing a rise in immigration and international students
The Netherlands is facing a rise in ...
The Netherlands' population grew by over 250,000 in 2021, and this trend might be set to persist due to a rising number of non-EU immigrants. However, the Dutch government is looking to temporarily curb immigration, especially among asylum seekers, because it puts unsustainable pressure on this small country with limited housing.