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Global elections in 2024: What do expats expect?
Global elections in 2024: What do expats ...
Taiwan, Finland, Comoros, Indonesia, and seven other countries have already held their elections since the beginning of 2024. Over 50 other states are yet to go, with elections scheduled almost every month throughout the year. Portugal in March, South Korea in April, South Africa in May, the European Union in June, and undoubtedly, the most awaited election globally: the American presidential election. How do expats feel about all this?
Should you embrace local traditions when getting married abroad?
Should you embrace local traditions when ...
Getting married abroad as an expat involves not only different marital laws but also different cultural customs. Should you plan a wedding like one you'd have back home, or should you embrace local customs in your ceremony? What about a mix of both?
Americans are saying goodbye to the US: Where are they going?
Americans are saying goodbye to the US: ...
Recent studies show that more Americans are moving abroad than ever before. The United Kingdom is challenging Canada as the most popular English-speaking destination, while the United States' other neighbor, Mexico, remains the second most preferred destination. New Zealand is also increasingly popular. Better life-work balance and a lower cost of living are the leading reasons for moving abroad.
Having a baby abroad: Should I stay or return home?
Having a baby abroad: Should I stay or ...
Whether intentionally planned or unexpected, discovering you're pregnant while living abroad can lead to significant considerations about your future in the current country. Various factors, such as personal situations and future plans, can influence this decision: should you stay or return? 
The best countries for expats with disabilities
The best countries for expats with ...
Moving abroad comes with an additional challenge when you have a disability. Some countries or even individual cities have better legal protection for the differently-abled, accessible buildings and public transport, and other things like accessible leisure and sports activities. They offer more welcoming environments for expats with disabilities to move to. Here are some of these destinations.
Britons are happy with their move abroad: Here's why
Britons are happy with their move abroad: ...
With around 3.5 million British expats living in different countries all around the world, it comes as no surprise that a large number of them consider it to be the best decision they've ever made. A recent study by iFast Global Bank, which polled 600 adults, showed that over two-thirds of British expats were happy with their move abroad. The remaining one-third of expats polled decided to move back home, as they couldn't deal with being away.
Dengue outbreak: Should we be concerned?
Dengue outbreak: Should we be concerned?
Despite a decrease in Dengue fever cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a resurgence since 2023. This increase has caused outbreaks in countries that were previously unaffected, sparking concern among people considering a move abroad.
Starting a family abroad: Between challenges and opportunities
Starting a family abroad: Between challenges ...
Moving abroad generally brings its share of challenges and opportunities, regardless of your family situation. Among the crucial decisions for expats, starting a family in a foreign country requires thoughtful consideration within the couple and meticulous planning. Let's delve into the nuances of this beautiful adventure abroad.
The best places to dine around the world in 2024
The best places to dine around the world in ...
Like every year since 2015, La Liste released its list of the best restaurants of 2024 last November. Where to eat the best dishes while abroad this year? Find out in this article.
Beyond the postcard: Navigating the realities of being an expat in Canada 
Beyond the postcard: Navigating the ...
Is the dreamland of immigrants losing its shine? Many expats say living in Canada is far from the postcard scenes. Others put things into perspective – living well in Canada is possible as long as you follow a few essential steps. In short, the journey to a successful immigration can be long and tedious. So, what does it take to live well in Canada? What are the pitfalls to avoid?
How to deal with menstruation as an expat woman
How to deal with menstruation as an expat ...
You're moving abroad and wondering how to handle your period. What is the situation in your host country, from purchasing pads to medical treatment? Is there freedom of speech on this matter? Learn more about dealing with menstruation in a foreign country through testimonies from expat women.
Do anti-immigration riots deter moving abroad plans?
Do anti-immigration riots deter moving ...
The anti-immigrant riots in Dublin in November 2023 sent a worrying message about xenophobia in countries where many expats live. The rise of far-right groups has been in the news for a while. Still, its escalation into riots on the streets and curfews sounds the alarm bell about just how dangerous this kind of political atmosphere can be for expats and international students, especially those from ethnic and religious minorities. Can these incidents even deter their plans to move abroad?
Moving abroad to find love: Is it worth it?
Moving abroad to find love: Is it worth it?
For those disappointed with social media and international long-distance romance, the adventure of love should return to its fundamental principles: physical encounters, concrete exchanges, outings, activities for two, etc. This adventure can be even more exciting during your stay in a foreign country. Most people move abroad to find a job or for a better quality of life. What if we took the leap to find love in a foreign land? Does this sound viable?
Global elections in 2024: Impact on expatriates and international dynamics
Global elections in 2024: Impact on ...
A crucial year for democracy. 2024, an electoral year, promised to be a year of high tension. Elections are scheduled in 77 countries, including the European Union, Taiwan, South Africa, the United States, Indonesia, India, Venezuela, Pakistan, etc. Billions of people are being called to the polls in the context of a continuing economic crisis and the rise of the extreme right. What will global immigration look like in 2024?
Unlock the secrets of living longer and healthier abroad in 2024
Unlock the secrets of living longer and ...
Tranquility, calm, sunshine, fresh, local food, etc. Is there a secret recipe for rejuvenation? This question is being asked in specific states known as home to many centenarians. These cheerful elderly people readily share their secrets to a long and healthy life. So where should you live and what should you do for a long and healthy life?
Navigating everyday challenges: Stories from expats around the globe
Navigating everyday challenges: Stories from ...
Living abroad is a real challenge that some people decide to take up. Whether it's for a change of scenery, learning new languages, experiencing culture shock, or enriching their professional experience, each and every one of them dares on a daily basis.
New beginnings: Expats share their 2024 resolutions
New beginnings: Expats share their 2024 ...
As the New Year dives in, most of us make good resolutions that we shall give up after three days, others that we will hold or try to hold as far as possible. These often include doing more sports, eating better, traveling, visiting friends and family more often, etc. Everyone has their ideas. What about expats?  
How to thrive as a vegetarian or vegan expat during the holidays
How to thrive as a vegetarian or vegan expat ...
Expat life can be a fantastic adventure, but it often demands extra organization and adaptation, especially during the holiday season. For those on a vegetarian or vegan diet, embracing foreign culinary traditions can be rewarding and challenging. Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy the festive season while living abroad and staying true to your dietary preferences.