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  • Learn how best to protect your wealth and maximise interest in your country of residence
  • Understand your tax liabilities in your home country and your new country of residence
  • Access to tax efficient savings, investments and pensions
  • Discuss how you can improve your family's financial position, both present and future
  • Learn how to best invest savings as an expat
  • Receive expert advice from someone who understands your local tax regime and saving options

Who is the service for?

This service could benefit you if you:

  • Are living in or moving to a new country
  • Have an annual income from your country of domicile and/or country of residence
  • Have savings in excess of 100,000 GBP / EUR / USD
  • Have investments held within the EU or Internationally
  • Save 500 GBP / EUR / USD or more per month

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