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Expat parenting tips: How to succeed when relocating abroad with children
Expat parenting tips: How to succeed when ...
Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, and relocating with children adds an extra layer of complexity. Learn, with Amy Morton, an expat coaching professional, how to navigate the challenges, support your children's well-being, and create a thriving family life in your new home. Explore expert tips and advice on how to ensure success as a parent abroad. 
How to choose child-friendly expat destinations when moving abroad?
How to choose child-friendly expat ...
Moving abroad with a family can be a different challenge from moving abroad alone or as a childless couple. School, extracurricular activities, spaces to play, safety, allowances and child-friendly policies are all issues that these parents have to take into consideration. Some countries, such as Sweden and the Netherlands, have a reputation for being child-friendly expat destinations.
What are the childcare options for expats?
What are the childcare options for expats?
Moving abroad with children, especially very young ones, can be very challenging. It can be tricky to find a school to enroll them in, but it can be even trickier to find childcare for kids who are not old yet to go to primary school. One parent in the expat couple could choose to become a stay-at-home parent, or the couple may secure subsidized public daycare or have to pay for costlier private daycare. Childcare is cheap or free in some countries like Italy and Chile, while it is less accessible or costlier in other countries like the US and Japan.
How to plan your move abroad with your children
How to plan your move abroad with your ...
Are you tempted by a big adventure abroad with your family? How to be prepared and make your kids feel prepared? Your kids' age, their interests, visas, their education abroad, etc., are some of the key issues you need to consider carefully. Here are a few pointers.
Why is the Netherlands a great place for expats to start a family?
Why is the Netherlands a great place for ...
As of August 2, all new parents in the Netherlands are now legally entitled to nine weeks of paid parental leave. It applies to both mothers and fathers, biological and adoptive parents, who will receive 70% of their wage from the Employee Insurance Agency during the leave. This legislation reinforces the Netherlands' reputation as one of the best places for expats to raise a family.
Countries that enable international adoption
Countries that enable international adoption
Are you an expat or planning to move to one of the following countries while considering to start a family in a non-traditional way? Adoption is another way to create a loving family by welcoming a child that couldn't be raised by its birth parents. However, many are disheartened due to the lengthy and expensive adoption process. has made a list of the countries that encourage international adoption and support applicants in every step, making the process smoother and less costly.
From Cape Town to Calgary: Moving abroad with kids
From Cape Town to Calgary: Moving abroad ...
Catherine is originally from South Africa. In 2019, she was one of the lucky few to be admitted to Calgary through the Express Entry System, along with her husband and their twin daughters. Catherine talks to us about the challenges of raising expat kinds in Canada.
Having a baby in Switzerland: An expat’s experience
Having a baby in Switzerland: An expat’s ...
From the US to Switzerland: This young mom working in finance in Switzerland tells about her experience having a baby abroad…
Things to consider when moving abroad with children
Things to consider when moving abroad with ...
For families, moving abroad with children comes hand-in-hand with much bigger questions than those faced by the single expatriate. While the decision to move children abroad can seem daunting, the influence of a new culture, atmosphere, school system and perhaps language can be enormously enriching for their life to come - and offers the kind of experience they simply wouldn't get in their native schoolrooms. Of course, there are a few key things to consider, so to help get the ball rolling, you'll find below some key things to think about if you're planning a move abroad with kids.
Single expat parents: Your guide to shine
Single expat parents: Your guide to shine
In the past three decades, an increase in freedom of expression of identity and growth of women's empowerment and financial independence have led to the rise in single-parent families. What's more, single parents don't compromise with a mediocre life, but they are in pursuit of their dreams, career success, and a high-standard nurturing environment for their children...
Post COVID-19: schools around the world are reopening
Post COVID-19: schools around the world are ...
Life is slowly getting back to normal in many countries around the world as the lockdown ends. Even though health risks relating to the COVID-19 pandemic are still real, schools have also started reopening, under certain conditions. Here's an overview of what's going on around the world.
The most family-friendly cities
The most family-friendly cities
Movinga, a company which specializes in moving families abroad, has just published the results of their study on how family-friendly 150 cities around the world are. They took into consideration a total of 16 factors including quality of life in the city and the country, the unemployment levels, the quality of air, healthcare, safety, parental leave... Here are the top 5 best countries for families.
Cities where you should move with your family
Cities where you should move with your family
Where should you move with your family for a better quality of life? Movinga website reveals the most family-friendly cities around the globe according to different factors like safety, family policies, and many other benefits. 
Aging parents and expatriation: How to balance parents' needs and your dreams
Aging parents and expatriation: How to ...
For many expats, the excitement of moving to a new country and upgrading our career is lessened by the concern for the family we leave behind — especially aging parents who are more likely to be dependent on us. So how can we chase our expatriation dream while making sure our aging parents receive the love and support they deserve? I have been an expat since 2007 and lucky enough to have self-sufficient and healthy parents. However, since I am planning to continue my expatriation journey, I am continuously thinking of better ways to strengthen my relationship with my parents in spite of the physical distance between us and see to it that the older they grow, the more care and comfort they will get.
Settling down abroad: Have you thought about your birth control?
Settling down abroad: Have you thought about ...
Birth control: definitely not the first thing you would think of when moving abroad. However, regulations around contraception are different in different regions of the world so it is important to know what to expect to be able to take the necessary precautions...
Parental authority for expats: the case of Japan
Parental authority for expats: the case of ...
The current legislation in Japan is of concern to some of the highest international authorities. So much so, that foreign embassies have even started warning expats wanting to start a family in the country. Indeed, in the case of a divorce child custody can only be given to one parent in Japan. This has given rise to several cases of “child kidnapping”.
TCKs: How to raise them?
TCKs: How to raise them?
Growing up abroad is one of the best childhood experiences kids can have. This will give them incredible skills that will shape them to be open-minded adults. How does one raise children from mixed marriages? How do you make sure that both cultures will be interspersed with their upbringing, along with their host country? Whether your child was born into your home country or abroad, here are a few tips...
Interview: David, the stay abroad dad...
Interview: David, the stay abroad dad...
He left his office job to become a stay at home dad in Malaysia while his wife is a teacher in an international school. And he has been pretty busy since: from following people into supermarkets because he might have spotted new friends for his young daughter, to his very first dress up day… David tells us about being able to take his children swimming everyday and about the difficulty of not being the breadwinner anymore, among others.