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Our top 5 expat parenting blogs
Our top 5 expat parenting blogs
Moving abroad with your children can be one of the most fulfilling and life-changing decisions you have made for your kids — new experiences, exposure to different cultures, and maybe acquiring a new language are just some of the benefits. But if you are overwhelmed by questions, such as how will my child cope in the new country and how to choose the right school abroad, here are five expat parenting blogs to help you and your family smoothly settle in your new home.
The essential moving abroad checklist
The essential moving abroad checklist
The decision is made – you are moving abroad. But where do you start from? What do you need to get done before you leave? For the organised amongst us, making a list is probably the best way to make sure everything goes smoothly, and nothing is forgotten. As your departure date gets closer, you will need to operate to a timetable – it will help you not to miss your paperwork's deadlines and will ensure nothing is overlooked.
Flying with your baby
Flying with your baby
We are on the move more than ever — international air travel is commonplace and drives job opportunities, economic growth, cultural exchange, and leisure. As a result, we nurture a generation of frequent fliers who start to take off shortly after their birth. No matter how much you enjoy flying, if you are about to board a long-haul flight with your baby or a very young child, we understand it to be a whole different (and stressful) story. But, with some serious preparation (and good luck), flying with an infant can go smoother than you ever thought! Let's find out how.
My homeschooling journey from Guinea-Bissau to Barbados
My homeschooling journey from Guinea-Bissau ...
Homeschooling is not for everyone. However, when you are faced with few options, this might be your best alternative. Such was my experience living in Guinea-Bissau from 2003-2006. When I first learned of my husband's posting to the West African nation, I was very apprehensive about going with him, along with our two young children, then aged four and six. But it was an important career move that couldn't be passed up.
What are some of the best things countries offer new parents?
What are some of the best things countries ...
Becoming a parent is a joyous event, however it can also be a stressful time with a lot going on and a lot to learn. Where are you living is likely to have a significant impact on just how much help you receive as a new parent, so here are some of the countries that provide different kinds of assistance to new mums and dads.
How we became an American expat family in England
How we became an American expat family in ...
When an opportunity comes, you better grab it. This is exactly what Swapna from the United States and her family did several months ago when they moved to Surrey, England. Nowadays, they all enjoy a new lifestyle that may not resemble what they were used to back home but teaches them a whole lot about the world and themselves. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to understand who you are and what matters to you in life.
France for Family, Food and French
France for Family, Food and French
Emily is an expat mum from the UK. She moved to Lyon three years ago with her husband who is of French origin but had never been to France before, and their two daughters. Between her remote parliamentary job and freelance journalism, Emily has a fulfilling family life. Emily shares her feelings about living in France with
The best of Europe: Five blogs for five cities
The best of Europe: Five blogs for five ...
What do Dublin, London, The Hague, Parma, and Galicia have in common? — Sorry, all being European cities, even though it is the right guess, doesn't count. Okay, we will save you the hustle — here it is, they all have good expat bloggers! brings them to you to introduce you to the expat life in the city they have decided to make a home (for now).
Where are the best parental leave policies
Where are the best parental leave policies
Family planning abroad can be quite challenging, especially if both parents are working full time. In general, expecting expat parents are entitled to parental leave just like any other citizen of the country where they live. However, not all countries have a mandated policy. Paternity leave, for example, isn't granted everywhere in the world. takes you through the countries that provide the best parental leave policies to their workforce.
Conflict-free countries: Where to live?
Conflict-free countries: Where to live?
In a world that continues to deliver bad news day after day, it seems there is just no getting away from it. With violence on the streets, political upheaval around the world and societies growing seemingly more and more frustrated – and with no signs of any of this looking to cease any time soon – the question arises for those of us who want a more peaceful life for ourselves and for our families, just what can we do?
The best expat mom blogs: Tips for raising your child abroad
The best expat mom blogs: Tips for raising ...
From having your baby abroad, to moving in a foreign country with one or more children, expat parents have loads to think and plan about — healthcare, schooling, leisure activities, accommodation. We understand that all this is overwhelming. So, we come to your rescue with a list of five blogs managed by expat mothers, who have travelled that road before.
Homeschooling: The power of your children's education in your hands
Homeschooling: The power of your children's ...
Homeschooling is a viable education option for expatriates and their children, who either don't have access to international schools, cannot afford the fees of private schools, don't applaud public institutions, or are merely supporters of this ambiguous teaching and learning method. Expatriation with children adds on your to do list an extra duty — to arrange schooling for them — that depending on the destination country, can be easier or harder to accomplish. Here we present homeschooling, but it's for your family to decide what's the best way to the children's education.  
Intercultural marriage: When there's more than one right way
Intercultural marriage: When there's more ...
You don't choose who crosses your path, you fall in love with and decide to share your life — it just happens. In a world that voluntarily movement from one country to another and expatriation are becoming more common, intercultural marriage is on the rise.
Kate in Zurich:
Kate in Zurich: "The quality of life here is ...
Kate comes from Washington. She fell in love with Switzerland 10 years ago during a train ride. Following a two years stay in London, she finally moved to Zurich in 2014 with her husband and two daughters. In this Interview, she shares her views about life in Switzerland.
Amanda in Athens:
Amanda in Athens: "There is an amazing ...
Amanda comes from the USA. She has lived in Derby, Brooklyn and Washington before moving to Greece following her husband's job posting. In this Interview, she shares her views about life in Greece.
Raising children abroad: the most welcoming countries in 2016
Raising children abroad: the most welcoming ...
Children's education and well-being is often one of the main concerns of expatriates choosing to move abroad with their family. Discover the most welcoming countries for expat families in 2016.