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Published on 2017-09-04 at 08:20
China is a vast country with culture and cuisines that vary among regions, provinces, and cities. Wherever you are thinking of moving to in China, we have selected some of the most helpful blogs from expats who have already set up shop there. With everything from advice on expat life to living in China as a multicultural family, you're sure to find something for you.

Marta lives in China

© Marta lives in China

As the title of her blog suggests, Marta lives in China and she documents her thoughts and experiences living in Suzhou with her husband. She talks about everyday experiences, such as crossing the street, and more special occasions, such as her wedding. Her blog bridges the cultural divide and encompasses Chinese perceptions of Europe, as well Marta's impressions of the country.

Qingdao expat survival guide

© Qingdao expat survival guide

Jacqueline and her family have spent time in different parts of China, and now find themselves in Qingdao. The Qingdao expat survival guide is a compilation of Jacqueline's top tips on things to do as well as her thoughts on life there. From family-friendly activities to cultural experiences, she has some great advice for expats in the city, however you are looking to spend your time.

Bringing up the Parks

© Bringing up the Parks

Having lived in Korea previously, Jackie, her Korean husband and two children now live in Beijing, China. Her blog Bringing up the Parks includes her experiences living abroad with a multicultural family, covering topics such as raising multilingual children. She also shares some of her favourite children's books from around Asia, as well as family trips and activities around Beijing and China.

Far West China

© Far West China

Josh has spent over a decade in Xinjiang, and his adoration for the region is apparent on his blog. In Far West China, Josh explores the culture and history of what is arguably a lesser known region of China; particularly to expats. He documents his explorations in posts with stunning photographs and videos to highlight the best of what Xinjiang has to offer. Look no further if you are looking for a deep dive into life in the region.

The Culture Blend

© The Culture Blend

Jerry has lived in both the US and China at different times in his life, and finds himself back in China currently, along with his multicultural family. His blog The Culture Blend focuses primarily on expat life in general, so no matter where you are expatriating to or from, you are sure to find some guidance on your expat experience on Jerry's blog.