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Published on 2017-06-01 at 12:07 by Maria Iotova
Moving abroad with your children can be one of the most fulfilling and life-changing decisions you have made for your kids — new experiences, exposure to different cultures, and maybe acquiring a new language are just some of the benefits. But if you are overwhelmed by questions, such as how will my child cope in the new country and how to choose the right school abroad, here are five expat parenting blogs to help you and your family smoothly settle in your new home.  

Making here Home

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Rebecca is a British mum currently living in Germany with her husband and two daughters. In Making here Home she offers tips to other expats and parents, recounts her family trips abroad, and gives an insight into expat life with a family. Having also lived in Thailand, Rebecca is definitely an expat expert on moving with kids. So, whether you are seeking tips on moving your young family abroad, or on explat life in Germany, it's definitely worth a read.

Mum & Mor

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From a tale of romance comes the parenting and lifestyle blog Mum & Mor – Sarah moved to Denmark from the UK to join her long-distance boyfriend, and soon after came their daughter. From her humorous take on parenting to her insights on life in Denmark (including learning the language), Sarah's blog makes for a good read for anyone that is considering a move to Denmark or any parents to young children.

Dare to Done

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This blog comes from an Aussie family in Scotland with mum, dad and the family's eldest of two sons writing posts. The Dare to Done family brought their can-do attitude to Scotland via the UK's Ancestry Visa, which allows commonwealth citizens with UK-born grandparents to move to the UK. In their sincere and genuine posts, they document how they are adapting to life and Scotland, and give a great insight to any families with older children looking to move abroad. So, if you also feel nomadic, and you see travelling as a mean to grow and open your mind, you may have just made some new friends.

he wanders on

he wanders on parenting blog
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In he wanders on, you'll learn a fair bit about life in Budapest, Hungary with three boys. In particular, Matthew reveals just how welcoming Hungarians are to big families and their attitude towards young children (spoiler, they love them!). Filled with advice about travelling with children and the ins and outs of living in Budapest, this is worth a read for big families looking to get their start abroad.

Piccolo Explorer

picolo explorer parenting blog
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Are you looking for some great ideas for family-friendly activities in London? Look no further than Piccolo Explorer, where American expat Cindy shares her family's adventures in and around London, from museums and historical buildings to parks and farms. She has seasonal tips and posts documenting her family holidays across the globe. If you're an expat in London with your family and feeling a bit lost, this blog will help direct you to some of London's most fun activities.