Discover Scotland

If you are looking forward to move to Scotland, we are providing you with a general overview of the country in this article.

Located in Western Europe, Scotland is one of the British islands that are part of the United Kingdom. Thus, its national currency is the pound sterling and not the euro. It's capital city is Edinburgh. The country has been attracting expatriates in large numbers since many years, not only for its rich historical and cultural background but also for the numerous opportunities it provides at all levels.

Geography and demography

Stretching over one third of Northern UK, including several small islands extending over some 9,900 km, it is bordered by the Northern Sea in the North, the Atlantic Ocean in the West and the Irish Sea in the Southeast. With a total surface area of 78,772 km², Scotland shares a border with England.

Scotland's population consists of around 5.2 million inhabitants. English, Scottish Gaelic and Scots are the spoken languages in the country. In fact, the country is known as Scotland in English and Scots and as Alba in Scottish Gaelic.

The country's landscape is made up of highlands, lowlands, dense forests, lakes, etc. Although it seems small, it has a rich history and a beautiful natural heritage along with its hospitable population. Scotland has thus become a dream destination for expatriates worldwide, especially due to its proximity with Europe.

The Scots

Scots are world famous for being warm and friendly people. They are above all appreciated for their kindness and hospitality towards foreigners. Scots are also proud about their nationality, culture, traditions and history. Thanks to these qualities, the country was able to give a choice place to tolerance, cultural equality, as well as social justice for all.

Scots are also famous for their celebrations, whether getting together at their place or in the streets. You will be delighted to discover their zest for life during your stay in the country.


Despite the often grey weather, shops that close down early, fuel prices, or the distance from your family, Scotland has so much to offer, as testified by many expatriates who are on the spot.

Indeed, you are likely to be entitled to 4 to 6 weeks of holidays a year, varying according to sectors and companies.

The country also has a developed and efficient transports networks which will allow you to travel anywhere at affordable rates.

The developed health care system will also allow you to benefit from health care services at reasonable rates.

Scotland's proximity with Europe will allow you to travel to neighboring countries, thus benefiting from lower ticket prices.

Finally, there is so much to discover in the country, starting from nature and culture, including historical monuments and other leisure activities.

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