Find a job in Scotland

Finding work in Scotland
Updated by vera2019 on 30 April, 2020

Scotland has a vibrant and developed economy which attracts many foreign professionals every year. Offering a great work-life balance, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and many opportunities in the ever-growing sectors of science, technology and innovation, this is a country that's always looking for talent. Here's what you need to know about making it in Scotland.

The labour market in Scotland

Scotland is deemed to be Europe's fourth major financial services hub, bringing together over 160,000 direct and indirect employees. It is the birthplace of one of the world's oldest banks, as well as the headquarters of several specialised financial institutions such as JP Morgan and HSBC. You can find more information about opportunities in the financial sector, here.

Scotland is also one of the leading powers in Europe when it comes to information and communication technology (ICT) and new technologies, which are in continuous evolution. Many career prospects are available for foreign professionals in these two sectors: in fact, technology and engineer jobs are highly in demand in Scotland. Find out more here.

Oil, gas and renewable energy sectors are also very strong in Scotland, who is a leader in wind and tidal energy. The country is very conscious of the need for renewable energy; 50% of the gross electricity consumption comes from renewable energy. That being said, Scotland is also recognised as a global hub for the gas and oil industries, thanks to decades of experience in the North Sea. If your expertise is in these sectors, you can find more information about job opportunities here.

Science is also a key sector in the country. Scotland hosts one of the biggest science centres in Europe with around 35,000 employees and more than 650 organisations involved in research, development, manufacturing etc. Find science-related jobs, here.

But it's not all about technology, science and energy. Scotland also has a centuries-long history of leading in higher education; back in the 17th century, it was the first country worldwide to provide universal education to both girls and boys. Nowadays Scotland boasts a world-class higher education system including not less than 19 universities. Higher education makes a significant contribution to the national economy along with some 26,000 local companies and leaders of the OECD. Teaching positions in Scotland offer a competitive salary and rewarding environment - find out more here.

Another key part of the Scottish economy is food, bringing several billions of pounds every year ' especially in the production of whiskey and seafood.

Working conditions in Scotland

Scotland really takes pride in its working conditions: employees in the country are particularly protected by law, and Scottish companies boast of having a particularly high employee retention rate. Full-time work entitles you to at least 28 days of annual leave, although many companies will even top that amount. For part-time work, you should multiply the number of days you work on a weekly basis by 5.6 to calculate your annual leave. State Pension is offered at the age of 65, and paid on a weekly basis ' be aware though that the amount of money you are eligible to, depends on the number of years you have been paying National Insurance in the UK.

Where to look for employment in Scotland?

Like elsewhere, there are various ways to look for a job in Scotland. You can start by browsing offers on the Internet and in local newspapers or by sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating in the country. Also, consider getting a free CV review at TopCV. Networking and word of mouth can also help if you have friends, contacts or relatives on the spot. 

Good to know:

In case you are looking for a job from your home country, you are likely to be called for an online interview on Skype or Google Hangout.

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