How hard is it to find job and settle down in Scotland?

Hi everyone. Here is the story. I left my home country as it is not safe and not gay friendly. I got my bachelor degree (actually its higher than bachelor coz I studied for 5 years but who cares) in Financial management. Also I have work experience in financial management and client service in a hospital and relocation/real estate - 7 years in total. I spent couple of years in Asia but failed to learn the language thus had differences in finding a job. Also I found that it would never be possible to integrate into the asian community being european. I have recently moved to Germany to get my master degree in International business and economics. I thought Id do my best to finally settle down here but I realize to know now that I dont like it in Germany. I have to say that last few years have been rather exhausting for me. I was moving and trying to get job and learning new languages and applying for numerous visas and even consulting about refugee status in numerous cointries. That just drained me and my saving account. I know that I can be a reliable asset for any company and that Im hard working. Im ready to learm new job related things. Im fluent in English. But I just cant stay in my home country coz Im gay.
Long story short. For my master programm I have to stay first year in Germany. Second year is semester abroad and thesis. I can write thesis wherever I like, it means I dont have to come back to Germany. They say one parter university for the semester abroad will be in Scotland. I dont know that for sure yet. But if its true I would try to get to Scotland for my semester abroad. How do you think what are my chances to find a job or at least student praktikum so that I can finally start a carrier abroad and settle down?
Thank you in advance.

I'm a little confused as to where you're from, so it's hard to offer an advice.
Perhaps you could clarify.

Hello. I think Scotland is a pretty good choice. Glasgow and Edinburgh in particular are pretty international, particularly in the areas around the universities. I also think Scottish people are very accepting of different nationalities, cultures, sexual orientations and so on. At least that't my impression.