What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in Scotland?

Hello everyone,

Where is the best place to start when looking for a job in Scotland? Is it better to job-hunt by directly contacting the company of your interest, or should job-seekers rely on a recruitment agency, for example?

Are there any unique aspects that job-seekers should consider when preparing their CV/résumé and cover letter? Should a photo be included?

Do you have any tips on interview conduct in Scotland? Are there any particulars, such as greetings or behavioural customs?

In you opinion, is knowledge of the local language or a regional language necessary to successfully apply for a job? What level of the language should job-seekers have mastered?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I got my first job in glasgow through Search Consultancy. I had a temp contract two days after registering with them. Usual interview about skills and experience.

My second permanent job was a 2 page CV and cover letter and a 15 min interview, one to one.

My next job was a CV, online recorded interview using webcam (8 questions - 30 sec question, 30 sec prep, 2 mins to answer. No second chances. Automatically sent to recruiter) then 2.5hr assessment centre.

I'm told and also now of the belief, you get into the org you want to work for then work your way up. Very difficult to get a higher level position as an unknown new arrival.

do you have the details for Search Consultancy?

Scherius wrote:

do you have the details for Search Consultancy?


Do a Google search - recruitment agencies glasgow list - and search, Michael page, etc will be on the first few pages of search results.

Indeed Jobs (they have an app as well) is a good aggregator for jobs with links to employment agencies and companies - it has great job alerts. Use the filters to search by keywords or just location.

Also Total Jobs and Reed are both good.

thanks guys, much appreciated. just a question, am i wasting my time trying to find a job while still living in SA or do i need to be in Scotland?

My humble opinion - job market moves fast. If you're on the ground you'll start in days to weeks. My husband did some screening interview calls from Sustralia but then stalled until he landed. Probably wait until you're here. If you are applying for a UK Ancestry Visa, register online with several and apply for jobs with long lead times saying you're coming. government roles take a long time to short list but do have assessment days you may need to attend.

Scherius wrote:

thanks guys, much appreciated. just a question, am i wasting my time trying to find a job while still living in SA or do i need to be in Scotland?

There is no harm in looking and trying, but you will have more luck when you are in Scotland. Your main concern is Brexit at the moment though.

yup, and i don't think i'm the only one. thanks to everybody who has given me some feedback and guidance.

I'm curious about employment in social work as a Canadian social worker (who can't get an ancestry visa. I'm too many generations in Canada to qualify, unfortunately).  I have received recruitment emails from the Canadian Association of Social Workers for Canadian child protection social workers to come to the UK, but never other social work positions and not in Scotland. I wonder if it is even worthwhile, given this, to apply online? Is there the demand I wonder? To be sure, social work is listed on the UK Government Shortage Occupation List.