Jobs and income in smaller towns

Hi everyone! My family is considering moving to Scotland in the future . Your blog on the cost of living was every informative! Thanx!  We were wondering about jobs and the cost of living in smaller, more rural towns. As of now we don't have any college degrees. If someone could give us a basic outline it would be greatly appreciated !

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Hi, my boyfriend & I decided to live in the smaller town in Scotland as we're more country peeps and found it a very good move. Our village Auchinleck is right on a rail line to Glasgow and the bus services here are terrific. The rents are nearly half the price of Glasgow yet we are only 45 drive from Glasgow. We have another large city, Ayr, to the west of us even close and 20 minutes drive.
So I'd defo recommend finding a smaller village on a rail line and check out the bus routes as well. Park & Ride is the way to go. Our town has 3 pub and the neighboring village , a mile away, is larger and has more night life. If your village doesn't have a large supermarket like some don't there is always to do the grocery shopping, it's brilliant. Mind if you pick a village with a supermarket more chance of employment.I think alot of the villages usally have one working factory so if you're persistant and lucky enough to get on there you're laughing. Kev and I both have local jobs, which didn't happen straight away, and we have no qualifications at all.  i have no regrets about living in the country and even though we have acar we still tend to use the public transport because of the lack of parking in places. Hope this helps. We love it here.