Find a job in Scotland


You are an expat living in Scotland? Please share your experience!

What is the best way to find a job in Scotland?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Scotland.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

Looking for information concerning expat employment opportunities in the area of Scotland between Inverness and Aberdeen.

The best websites for jobs in Scotland are and has also many IT jobs from Scotland

For jobs in the oil and gas industry, go to


I'm new to the forum and Scotland but this thread sparked my interest as I've just landed my first job here! (yay!) I'm in the IT field and I agree CW Jobs is a great site to be looking on but I found mine through a smaller but just as helpful site IT jobs in Scotland. In my opinion all these specialist sites online are such a great way of finding work - you can't beat the internet these days!

Are there temp agencies in Scotland ?