Finding an internship in Scotland

Internships in Scotland
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Scotland has been attracting expat students in large numbers, by providing internships in companies as part of their higher studies. Thanks to the country's particularly dynamic economy, opportunities are abundant at all levels, and the demand is equally high for both students and graduates. Many internships offer some kind of remuneration, so you should be aware of relating conditions and formalities before agreeing.

What you should know about internships in Scotland

For your internship to be considered valid, it needs to be accompanied by an internship agreement. This document depicts an agreement between you, your university (if applicable) and the host company. The agreement must be written in English and include the following:

  • place of work
  • weekly working hours
  • wages (if it applies)
  • your position within the company
  • all relating conditions and regulations

If your internship is indeed a paid one, then you should expect the minimum hourly wage. In Scotland, this number varies depending on your age ' and whether you are on your first year of apprenticeship or you have completed it. In general, the hourly wage scheme goes as following:

  • £ 7.83 per hour for persons aged 25 years and above
  • £ 7.38 per hour for persons between 21 and 24 years
  • £ 5.90 per hour for persons aged between 18 and 20 years
  • £ 4.20 per hour for persons under 18 years old
  • £ 3.70 per hour for apprentices on the first year of apprenticeship

Good to know:

If your internship is a short-term one (i.e. lasts less than one year), there is no legal wage scheme for your case. However, some companies do remunerate short-term trainees fairly.

Find out more about the internship wage scheme here.

Finding an internship in Scotland

If you're a recent graduate looking for an internship in Scotland, you should definitely use Graduate Talent Pool: a government-backed and funded initiative that's designed to help recent graduates (from the last 3 years) to find real work experience. All GTP internships are pair and you can find prestigious jobs in all kinds of UK businesses, no matter the size or sector.

Good to know:

To be able to apply, you need to have graduated within the last 3 years from a UK university and be a UK or an EU/EFTA citizen. Browse GTP internships here.

If you're not a recent graduate or an EU/EFTA citizen, the best way of finding internship in Scotland is to send spontaneous job applications to companies you are interested in. You may also respond to current vacancies in local newspapers or on job websites. Moreover, some specialised agencies provide assistance to foreign candidates, as well as accommodation facilities. Make sure to inquire about these services beforehand as these are charged. Networking may also help, just like in the case of a job search. If you have friends, family or contacts on the spot, word of mouth can also help.

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