Salary in Scotland?

Hi all,

is it me or do salaries seem really low here in Scotland? I used to sell BMW in Australia and made over $100,000+

At todays rates that is £65,000. I have looked at a few advertised car sales jobs and they are in the £30-35,000 range.

Are the salaries really that low here?

I think they are.  Due to the high unemployment rate, employers can offer whatever salary they chose.

My son has just returned to Scotland and he is being offered jobs at what he earned 12 years ago.  It is a disgrace.  Who knew this would happen when we joined the EEC.  Too many people and too few jobs.

Hi, I think you are right , the salaries are very low here compared to what we are used to. I've come from $35 p/h to 7 pound p/h but just glad I got a job. Mind I work for Tesco now but I love it. My Kevin, a qualified sheet metal worker is on 6 but not working in his trade. On saying about the low wages though it is quite possible to live within the means. Food and rent is priced accordingly. You'll never make it rich like back home. We come from a mining town in Queensland and the people in our village could only dream of the money my sons are making back home and none of them have any qualifications or trades. So if you're happy to cover the cost of living with a bit of partying thrown in it's very doable and a lovely country to do it in :)