Studying/Working in Scotland- Info Needed!

Hello all,

I'm a current undergraduate in the US and have been searching for master's programs abroad with the intention to work in Scotland and become a citizen.  I know Scotland has a "Fresh Talent" initiative. Does anyone know how effective this program is in regards to earning citizenship? Are there any specific job markets that are on the rise or a particular field with lots of opportunity?

Moreover, I've heard lots of thing about Scotland being quite unsafe. How true or untrue is this statement?

If you have studied abroad in Scotland, please let me know! I'd love to get some more info from you!


Hi Kristian123

I answer to your post re is Scotland safe I would have to say in general yes. Yes there are large problem areas in the cities ie Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen but not anymore so than any other city. I have moved from Central Scotland to Aix en Provence, France and I am more concerned here, and have been advised to beware. When coming to Scotland, avoid the areas even I would avoid but in general it is perfectly safe!

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate your input =)


I'll be moving from Malaysia to be with my wife who's based in Edinburgh. We're currently looking for a place to settle down together in this delightful city.

I've been here on holidays in Edinburgh & Glasgow and I must say that I felt relatively safe.

And similarly to Kristian123, I'll be continuing my studies full-time (MBA) from end Sept2010 forth. It will be fun!

Hi Theeteck!

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scotland is the best country ever!!