Doing business in Scotland


are foreign investors welcome in Scotland?

Is it complicated to register a company in Scotland? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Scotland?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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It is very easy to register a business all over the UK includin Scotland and Ireland. If you are a foreigner you just need a work permit and national registration number. To recurit anyone you can take help of a recruitment agency or you can post a job in job borads such as or Linkedin UK or anywhere else.You can read this answer about starting a business in the UK for expats [ Moderated : link not accepted ]

Corporation Tax is now 21% dropped from 20% vat is applicable totalling 41%
To engage in Business in Scotland You will need to determine what type of Visa You will require. There is an investors Visa,but the conditions are very stringent these days,and usually a Company is required to sponsor You. Facts can be found on the U.K Gov website.