Where is Laurinburg in Scotland?

I am currently residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have got an offer from a company named WINSTON ENERGY LIMITED, UNITED KINGDOM, SCOTLAND. It has given its address as follows:

Winston Energy

385 Girt's Bridge Rd 

NC 28353,

Laurinburg, Scotland

United Kingdom

Firstly, I want to ask you if there is such an address that exists in your great country, Scotland. Because when I searched for it on net, it showed me that such an address is not in United kingdom but it is in United states in Scotland County.
Please help me out with this.

Secondly, going by the company's information given on its site, it turns out to be a good company and one of my dream companies. Also, it is offering me good package. But I want to confirm whether there is such a company with the above name in Scotland.?? If yes, then hows the company..??

Thank you very much,
Hoping to get a satisfactory reply as soon as possible.
you can mail me at: bhoira007@yahoo.com

The postcode given in the address is also from the USA, not from UK. Postcodes in UK are normally two letters followed by some numbers and ended in two letters.

Also, in Scotland, the -burg is usually spelled -burgh. I think they do not know  their address. I would advise you to be very careful. It could be a SCAM. Have they asked you to pay any money? If so, do not pay nothing anf report to police.

Good luck.

thanks sir, but they havent ask me to pay any money. infact, they have already sent me the agreement letter in which they have mentioned it they will pay for my visa expenses and all. But they havent asked me for any money AS OF YET..!!
kindly guide me.
thanks a ton..

This is a phishing scam offering jobs online. I get such mails dimme a dozen from MICROSOFT, YAHOO, COCA COLA. Just ignore!

but this one has already sent me the agreement letter mentioning all the terms and condition.

What they want are your details.  much as they are clever they alays let themselves down with detail.  it is not a Scottish address and hope you do not get sucked in take some of the text and Google it you will probably find more on a scam site.  the prey on your dreams sorry.

it is not a scottish bussines. Once they have your bank details they will empty it

You are being scammed. I can tell from the address. There is no such place as Girts Bridge Road. But the address is very close to Scotland Correctional Institution, a prison at 22385 McGirt's Bridge Road, Laurinberg, North Carolina 28353. http://www.doc.state.nc.us/dop/prisons/ScotlandCI.htm
If it looks dodgy, and smells dodgy, it prtobably is dodgy.

my daughter looked it up on internet. it is a real company.

On internet it has got its own site and all other details related to the company SEEM TO BE GENUINE. But the greatest dilemma is that the address is a fake. they have send the agreement letter with terms and conditions of the british council whereas the address shows that it is located in America.

There could well be a genuine company set up, but it doesn't mean there is anything behind the company. How is it "Girts Bridge Road" doesn't appear on Google maps. Even their email address is dodgy:

....@wintons.... instead of winston