Finding a job in Edinburgh

Working in Edinburgh
Updated 2019-10-14 15:07

More and more foreign professionals are looking to move to Edinburgh for work thanks to its vibrant economy and the presence of local and multinational companies. Finding a job in this city is quite easy, but here are some tips to get you started.

Where to find a job in Edinburgh

Some jobs are in high demand in Scotland, which means these industries are very receptive to applications from foreign nationals. You can find an occupational shortlist for Scotland here

Popular job search websites include Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs, Monster, and Scottish-only site S1 jobs. If you are looking for a job in the public sector or working for a charity, then My Job Scotland offers a detailed database. 

If you are seeking a technically unskilled job, for example working in hospitality, then you should apply once you are located in Edinburgh as you may be asked for an interview and to commence working quickly. For a skilled job, for example, in the financial sector, then you can explore job options remotely. For these vacancies, employers are looking for the perfect, exceptional candidate, rather than who is the most readily available. 

It's true that employers hire people they like, so consider exploring your own business contacts before looking further afield. International conferences within your sector are a great way to network and explore potential job opportunities in Scotland

It is very important that you consider what type of right to work in the UK you require, and the jobs that can offer this. If you are from outside the EU, your future employer will need to apply for a work permit for you. You can find a list of current businesses who are licensed sponsors here

To get a visa to work in Edinburgh, you will need to prove you are proficient in English. 

How to apply for a job in Edinburgh

In the UK, job applications focus heavily on your cover letter. This should be formal, concise, and explain exactly why your experience makes you the best candidate for the job. Remember: you are likely competing against candidates who already live in Edinburgh, so you need to convince employers why you are worth the extra effort and paperwork for them.

Your CV should never be more than two sides of the paper. If an application asks to complete an application form, then it is essential that you do so: merely sending a CV will not be considered. 

It is common practice for businesses in the UK to look at your social media presence and LinkedIn profile. Before you start your job search, make sure you are showing employers the side of you you want them to see. 

Edinburgh interview etiquette

It is not uncommon in the UK for the first stage of an interview process to be an assessment centre or group interview, particularly if for a large company. If you are still living abroad, the company may consider sending you an online assessment instead.

How formal the interview depends on the industry. Expect small talk at the beginning of your interview, so be prepared to chat casually and don't be afraid to smile! 

Typical interview questions include: ‘What attracted you to this company?', ‘What are your strengths/ weaknesses?', and ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?'. The interview will usually end with an opportunity to ask questions. Make sure to prepare things to ask beforehand - it will show the interviewer how interested you are in the role. 

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