Find a job related with Tourism & Heritage

Hi there!
I'm new on this forum and would like to have some informations about finding a job related with tourism & heritage.
My 2nd year of Masters is almost done and I'll have to find a job in a few weeks, I thought I could return to Scotland to try there. I already know Scotland quite well as I lived there during 9 months while I was doing a year as a Foreign Language Assistant.
I would like to find a job in tourism and/or heritage but when I try to find something on different websites it's quite hard.
By tourism I mean, for example, job as guide in french and english.
I wanted to know if someone here have a previous experience in tourism, and where to apply.
Cheers !

Hi julieMontrose,

Welcome to! :)

Maybe you should contact or send your cv to tour operators or hotels in Scotland?

You may also want to post an advert in the Scotland classifieds > job section- Tourism. It might help you in your search.

I wish you good luck,

Thanks Christine!
Today I've done my european CV, I'm now ready to send it everywhere ;)
About tour operators, do you think I can send just my CV, without any covering letter?

I think it's better to send a motivation letter + your cv. ;)