Petrospec Ltd.

Has anyone in Aberdeen ever heard of Petrospec Ltd. They e-mailed me saying that they found my resume on-line and next thing I know they make me an incredible offer without a phone conversation or interview...their website was sketchy at best and I couldn't find anything on them as a company no mater how hard I tried. There is a Petrospec Engineering in Canada. The thing that made me think it was a scam was wanting me to pay a Tribute to get travel insurance..if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated...thanks.

I don't think you need to ask about the sketchiness. What legitimate firm would hire someone based on finding a CV on the internet, and not want to even see or speak to the person? If you are a world expert in some unique field and your reputation is such that everyone knows you, it might make sense, but if they're asking you to pay out before you've started working, that is a total red flag.

I have heard about Petrospec Limited and a friend of mine has worked with Petrospec some time ago. I know the company do exist but i don't know how they recruit their employees.

Petrospec Limited do exist and their office is adjacent to my home address. They are recruiting new  employees for a Rail project in Aberdeen. I saw the advert 2 weeks ago and told my wife, she got a job recently with Petrospec Limited but as British citizen she did not need the processing of traveling insurance to start work. Please take note Petrospec Limited is in existence and I guess you are dealing with the right company.

How much you have to pay tribute to obtain insurance? I also received an offer from the company. If you know how much you have to pay then tell me please. I'm not going to pay tribute to the advance. Perhaps this is the insurance company.

Hello...going by the guideline the Insurance website has I would pay $3500 US for single insurance. I e-mailed the insurance company (Wilson and Gerald) to ask if Petrospec was legit but never received an answer. From some answers I have gotten they supposedly are a company in Aberdeen. I agree with you about paying up front...if they want you bad enough they should pay the fee and take it out of your first check if it is indeed the employee's responsibility to pay. Please let me know if you get anymore info about the company...thanks.

Can you provide an address so I can Google it? Is it a large office, factory or shop?

Hi ... I read your letter to the forum .. The thing is that I also received and signed for Petrospec. so I decided to address you. But my friends told me be careful when asked to pay in advance to the money. I checked google Petrospes Ltd and went to the forum. I do not know anything more. But I wrote that they are engaged in the service and setting up facilities. The forum was one person wrote that the company railway company is close to his home and his wife went to work. All contradictory. I got all the papers for signature and insurance purposes, but did not apply to insurers. I asked the office Petrospec much needed money for insurance but they are silent now. Thank you for responding .. Where are you from?

You are having the exact experience I had with them...after I questioned them they became silent. I live in South Carolina, USA. I recently finished a project in Mongolia and have been looking for expat work since. I am a Construction Manager/Supervisor...what line of work are you in? I will let you know if I hear back from Petrospec but I don't think they will contacting me anymore.

wow, color me surprised. Is this really a common recruitment practice in the industry to hire people sight unseen?

the forum does not want to write, preferably in facebook

Yes, sir, you are correct they are asked to pay before you start working. I do not like.

I was recruited by Petrospec Limited, Honestly speaking i was skeptical in the first place but after much explanation by the Hr i obtained the traveling insurance with good faith and began the processing of my work permit/visa. After one week my documents were approved and they book my flight ticket to UK. We did induction on Monday. i am glad to be here.


Petrospec is not listed on the UKBA's register of companies licensed to sponsor foreign workers. Draw your own conclusions.

Thank you Bob-666.I knew. How did you know? They also offer you a job?

Thanks Bob...amazing at the length people will go to scam a few bucks out of a person. To anyone who has received an offer from this company just do a quick search on-line and you will soon see you can find "nothing" on Petrospec except an engineering company in Canada. question: Does an expat have to purchase tribUte or travel insurance to work in the UK?

Hi,eldellinger!Here is revealed the scam.

I'm curious to hear back from Adalberto.fab now. The plot thickens...

Where did you see that the employee himself at his own expense to insure? Not knowing it will work or not, will give a visa or not?

Eldellinger, I have never heard of anyone having to purchase travel insurance to work in the UK - it doesn't make sense.
Arkadiy, I just looked them up here … fsponsors/
Petrospec Ltd can be found here … 226898292d
It appears to be a house (switch map to satellite)!

Thanks Bob...that's what I saw also.

The plot does was funny that when I call the main phone number they give they don't even have the common since to answer by saying something like "Hello...thank you for calling Petrospec" I even called the insurance company they gave me the name to use..same thing...hello...not the name of the company..nothing. When I asked about Petrospec it was as if he was reading from a script. He was like...yes, yes Petrospec is legit now please send me money....amazing. How's Iceland this time of year?

I received a contract letter by PETROSPEC Aberdeen, and they offer me as Administrative Assistant but i could not understand that it is fake or not. May you tell me anything more about this company.


Me too.
I received an email from Petrospec Ltd UK. They make me an offer without interview just by some general questions. and asked to sign agreement. But I think that is a fake offer. True employer never employ some one without face to face interview and never ask for money. 
If anyone find sure result, please inform also.

Привет друзья.Эта хорошо организованная сеть мошенников.Мне уже не пишут как я им написал последнее письмо.Все нормальные компании сами страхуют своих сотрудников а эта компания без собеседование требует чтобы сотрудник сам себя застраховал.

Hello Arkadiy -> In english please on this Anglophone forum! :)

Thank you,

Hi friends.Hi Oreli. This well-organized network of fraudsters. I do not write as I wrote to them last letter. All normal companies themselves insure their employees and the company without interview requires that the employee himself insured

Hello ......
I also got offer from petrospec ltd uk ( not the engineering one ) . They didnt talked with me yet . Whay did u do when u got the offer. Did they asked for any money . Give me some advices plzz.

I also got the same oofer .........what did u did ? ...did u accepted ?.... did they asked for money ?? ....what should i doo ??......plzz give me some advice

This is a cruel not send money for insurance certificate...I'm sorry and good luck in your job search.

please is there any body who can show me the way to send my CV in petrospec Ltd



Read the thread from the beginning then go here:

i know that this post dates to 2013 but i want to say to everyone that received an email from petrospec that it is a scam, my husband also has received the same mail asking him to pay insurance (1200 euro per person) to work with them and they said that it is the new uK law.

so beware. and good luck to every  job seekers.

Hi everyone .Is it  possbile to recover your money if you have ever paid your insurance fee . If yes how ?