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Working in Aberdeen
Updated 2018-10-09 14:53

Bordered by the Northern Sea, Aberdeen is located in the Northeast of the United Kingdom. Thanks to its strategic position, it has become the European offshore petroleum hub. Aberdeen is definitely one of those great cosmopolitan and modern cities providing quality living to its inhabitants, surrounded by lush green nature. Rent prices are higher, but so are salaries compared to the rest of the country — perhaps explaining why Aberdeen is considered one the happiest cities in the UK.

Economy and labour market

Aberdeen has a vibrant labour market that seems to be prospering. Between Spring 2017 and Spring 2018, the employment rate increased: currently, 3 out of 4 people in Aberdeen are employed. The 4.5% unemployment rate (2.9% for the whole of Aberdeenshire) seems to keep decreasing, heralding a prosperous time for the area. Remuneration is also great: in 2017, a full-time employee in Aberdeen would receive 583.90 GBP per week, which is the second highest amount in all of Scotland (the highest being in Edinburgh).

Aberdeen's economy relies on several sectors: trade and business, shipbuilding, fisheries, as well as textiles and paper production. Moreover, 30% of the country's food and drinks consumption is manufactured and distributed by Aberdeen. Perhaps the most promising sector in the local labour market is oil and gas. Indeed, there is an urgent need for skilled and experienced engineers and technicians in several fields. Moreover, many big companies operating across Aberdeen often advertise their job vacancies on their websites.

Good to know:

It's not just about oil and gas. Catering, hospitality and tourism are also fields where there's always a high demand. If you are interested in these sectors, you should take a look at catering openings here, as well as hospitality jobs and general tourism opportunities here.

Job hunting

Thanks to its economic dynamism and the quality of life it provides to its inhabitants, Aberdeen seems to be the ideal place to live and work in Scotland. Therefore, finding a job there should not be a difficult task.

You are probably likely to start your job search on the Internet if you are not yet in Scotland. Feel free to browse job websites as well as professional social networks such as LinkedIn. Networking and word of mouth may also help if you have relatives, friends or contacts on the spot. If you have already moved to Aberdeen, consider registering with a recruitment agency ' there are several recruitment agencies in Aberdeen which can help you find a job according to your profile more rapidly. One of the most prominent, Thorpe Molloy, also offers several free PDF guides with advice on job hunting at their website, see here.

However, applying in person can go a long way in Aberdeen. You can visit a few companies that you have selected and drop your resume, even if these are not officially hiring. You can also keep an eye out for shop windows advertising vacancies (usually in cafes, pubs and shops) and hand in your CV to a manager. Make sure you're dressed to impress!

Good to know:

If visiting from door to door seems daunting, Union Square website represents all the merchants of the Union Square shopping centre in Aberdeen, and they have a page with all the vacancies which you can consult. Find out more here.

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