Accommodation in Aberdeen

Accommodation in Aberdeen
Updated 2018-10-10 14:36

Located in the Northeast, Aberdeen is considered one the happiest cities in the UK. A cosmopolitan city that offers quality living to its inhabitants, in Aberdeen rent prices are higher, but so are salaries thanks to a vibrant labour market and an increasing employment rate. A key destination in Scotland for expats, Aberdeen is the 3rd most densely populated city in Scotland, with a population of about 229,000 inhabitants in the city and 262,000 in the surrounding area of Aberdeenshire. The demand for accommodation is high, but the city offers many quality options if you don't mind paying a bit more than in other Scottish cities.

Rent prices

Rent prices are quite high in Aberdeen: in fact, some of the city's addresses have been characterised the most expensive in Scotland. If you wish to rent a single-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of £492 in the city centre. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need around £996. If you want to rent a house, you should be prepared to pay around £1,319.

Good to know:

A deposit, as well as the first month's rent in advance, it is always requested. Keep in mind though that your deposit must be held in a 'tenancy deposit scheme', which must be registered by your landlord with the local authority within 30 working days. The tenancy deposit scheme doesn't charge you or your landlord and makes sure that your deposit money is safe.

Districts & neighbourhoods in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is divided into different neighbourhoods, including many residential areas. In Rosemount, for instance, you are likely to find affordable housing units, especially if you are moving there with your family. Rosemount is close to amenities and hosts several parks, schools, as well as an efficient bus network.

Ferryhill is one of the city's older neighbourhoods, with a wide variety of house styles including both historic mansions and newly built homes (such as townhouses).

Old Aberdeen, originally a Royal Burgh, brings to mind Cambridge or Oxford. It is rather popular with expats ' although it can be quite difficult to find accommodation there. A real estate agency may help.

Footdee, by the harbour (also known as 'Fittie'), was historically the area where fishermen lived in the 1800s. Today it has evolved into quite the picturesque place, with many cottage-style homes and new housing developments. The fact that it's a short walk from the city centre is an extra advantage.

The city centre, or the Granite Mile as it is known, is rather posh with upscale boutiques, cinema halls, nightclubs, pubs, etc. Property prices are considerably higher than in other areas, and most locals buy apartments so that they can offer them for rent to visitors or expats.

How to find accommodation in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is known for its high cost of living. Therefore, consider seeking the help of a real estate professional during your accommodation search. Make sure to specify your budget along with your preferences, as well as the urgency of finding accommodation. Aberdeen City Council also offers an advisory service to help you find your ideal rental.

Of course, you can also browse offers on the Internet and in local newspapers. Word of mouth may also help if you have friends, relatives or contacts on the spot. However, you will have to visit the premises before signing the lease contract with the owner or real estate agency.

Finally, you have the option of renting from the City Council. Like many Scottish cities, the Aberdeen City Council offers housing for rent. These include apartments (flats) of several sizes, maisonettes and cottages in various areas of the city and the outskirts. Anyone can apply for a council house in Aberdeen, by filling in online a self-assessment with the Housing Advice service.

Find more information on how to apply for Council housing here.

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