Best area to live in West Lothian


We are moving from South Africa to Scotland the beginning of August.

Could any one give me advice on what is a good area to live in, in West Lothian. I need to take in concideration schools. My son is starting P1. I heard Linlithgow has good schools.

Thank you

Hello ,

In reply to your question , Linlithgow is a nice place to live.
The schools have a very good reputation and the amenities are also very good.
There is a very good sports club which offers tennis , squash , racketball, bowls , etc. There is another Council operated facility that includes a swimming pool as well as many other sports facilities ( football , fitness training , etc ).
There are also very good links to the main cities of Edinburgh & Glasgow via direct train service.

I actually live in Bo'ness ( 3 miles from Linlithgow ).
It's a personal thing  , but I prefer to live here.
Housing is also cheaper here , albeit I've been living in this town ( by the River Forth ) , all of my life.

If you have any questions , feel free to email me and I'll try to assist.

I have a friend who moved from Cape Town to Linlithgow a few years ago and really enjoys life here. If you want to ask him his opinions , let me know.

Best wishes

( p.s.  I visited CT about 10 yrs ago on a holiday. It was great ! )

Hi there. We are moving from SA to Linlithgow end of Nov. yeah the schools are good there. Did you arrive yet?
Please keep in touch so we can switch ideas. You guys only have the one boy? My girl is going to P3. Btw, we are from Malelane. Hope to meet up for coffee


How's the transport link from bo'ness to edinburg. I know from linlithgow its quite quick

Thnx for the help