The best neighbourhood in Glasgow

neighbourhood in Glasgow
Updated 2019-08-21 15:27

When moving to a new country, it can be hard to know where to buy a house or where to rent a flat. Glasgow offers a wide variety of neighbourhoods and areas suitable for different needs. Whether you are a student, a retiree, a family, or just moving to a new country to get a change of scenery, there is an area that's perfect for you.

Areas of Glasgow

Glasgow is generally divided into five large areas: the city centre, the West End, the East End, South Side and North Glasgow. Greater Glasgow spans an area of 3,338 square kilometres (about 1,289 square miles). The Glasgow postcode area is denominated with the letter G and consists of around 90 postal codes ranging from G1 to G90. When looking for accommodation in Glasgow, you can search for properties belonging to a particular postcode.

Trendy neighbourhoods in Glasgow

The Hillhead and Kelvinside areas of the West End, as well as Merchant City in the city centre, are some of the most highly sought-after locations to buy a property in Glasgow due to their proximity to amenities, schools, universities, parks and city life. Hence, the prices are much higher in these areas than in the rest of Glasgow. A 3-bedroom house in popular Kelvinside can cost anywhere between £315,000 and £625,000. However, if you are happy living in a flat by yourself, buying a 1-bedroom apartment in the same area will cost you around £100,000. Average rent in a 2-bedroom apartment in these areas is £850 per month.

These trendy areas are perfect for those with a larger budget who want to be close to the bustling music and arts scene in Scotland's cultural capital. Their proximity to Glasgow's three universities also means they are perfect for students who are willing to split the price of rent with roommates ' or flatmates as they are called in the UK. The West End also offers many schools and is the home to some of Glasgow's loveliest parks ' hence, it is a perfect area for families with young children.

Cheap areas to live in Glasgow

For those looking for the cheapest possible accommodation, Easterhouse is one of the most affordable suburbs in Glasgow to live in. It is located in the eastern parts of Glasgow, approximately 10 km from the city centre. Buying property in Easterhouse may only set you back by around £63,000 ' depending on what kind of property you are looking for. Flats can cost as little as £30,000, while a 3-bedroom house may be sold at around £130,000. The average monthly rent for a 2-bedroom flat is £500.

Easterhouse is perfect for those who want to live affordably and do not mind driving or taking public transport when they want to go somewhere. While Easterhouse does not offer many activities for families and has a bit of a notorious reputation, it is perfect for those looking for cheap accommodation in a Glasgow suburb.

Best value for price in Glasgow

What about those in the middle ' who can't afford the most expensive accommodation but want something more central and more family-friendly than the lowest-priced areas? The best areas for them are the Shawlands in the South, Kelvinbridge or Partick in the West, or Maryhill in the North. These areas offer activities for both children and adults and are minutes away from the city centre by bus, train or subway.

These areas are also popular with students, as they are close to universities and other student-friendly activities. Due to their popularity with students, there are always new apartments for rent appearing on the market. However, it also means there is a lot of competition ' so flats go as quickly as they come.

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