Looking for flats to rent and to find flatmates and any advice


I'm Emi, 19 years old from USA...I've recently gotten accepted to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for Classical Piano. I went to audition a month ago and fell in love with Glasgow. I plan on moving there in the summer sometime to look for a flat (as the course begins late September).

I'm currently looking for flats to rent and to find flatmates, and for any advice you can offer to someone who is moving abroad by herself!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone :) It's already been so lovely reading through your stories...good luck to us all! x

I'd strongly recommend trying spareroom.co.uk.

I think especially for people new to the city that aren't going to have tonnes of stuff, it can be beneficial (you don't want to be having to buy things like pans, a cheese grater, teatowels, bathmats and an iron - all the stuff that may not be included when you rent a flat and nobody is living there).

People put up photos of the place and there's a little map icon (so you know exactly what street it is on and can google map walk round the area - and google it to see if the area has a bad reputation etc) and they advise you on what the bills will come to.  Also, you can check proximity to the subway or nearest train station or bus stop (when it gets to winter and the sun's setting before 4pm and it's dark until 8.30am... you don't want a 20 minute walk to your public transport).

You're studying near (5 mins) Cowcaddens subway station, and you'd only be 10-15 mins walk from Queens Street or Central (where all the other trains arrive).  Possibly I would suggest Charing Cross, the West End, Finnieston, or maybe an area not far north or Cowcaddens.

You could also check out Gumtree, which is the UK equivalent of Craigslist to find people who have a spare room to rent.
Also it might be good to check with the university to see if there are any halls of residence linked with the uni. Or if there is a privately owned university accommodation service that can help you.
Good luck & let us know how you get on!

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Greetings, Classical Piano superb!  I have a flat with 2 rooms bathroom and kitchen. I live in a suite downstairs,so a renter would have the kitchen fridge and cupboards to themself.
Its not in Glasgow,but right nr the train station in Cumberland which is 14 miles from Glasgow
If  you buy a monthly Train pass the fare will cost you less than £15 per week.
This may suite you if you want to rent short term until you find somewhere else.
Very easy going Film Director Landlord. (£96 per week)

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