How to embrace the Glaswegian culture

local culture in Glasgow
Updated 2019-08-21 14:35

Embracing the local culture when moving to a new city or country can be hard. Cultural differences and new traditions might confuse you, but with more exposure, you will become more familiar with what makes the city special. One way to discover a new city is to immerse yourself in the local culture and embrace everything that Glasgow has to offer, even though it might be different from your home city. This guide helps you discover Glaswegian culture and must-dos in Glasgow.

Glaswegian culture ' what is it?

Glasgow offers a mix of traditional Scottish culture with more contemporary and outside influences from its growing young population of international students and workforce. Just like its architecture, Glasgow is an eclectic mix of old and new, grungy and sophisticated. The local culture also varies within the city borders, with the West End having a high population of students from the University of Glasgow while the East End is mainly working class. Hence, the local dialect ' or Glasgow patter as it is also known ' is strongest outside the city centre and west end, where international residents are less common.

Some common words you might encounter in Glasgow is 'wee', 'scran', and 'aye'. Wee means 'small' and is used frequently in Scotland, for example describing a little girl as a 'wee lass'. Aye is another way of saying yes, while scran generally means food.

On the topic of food, there are certain foods that are famous in Glasgow. Having a deep-fried Mars bar is essential to anyone moving to Glasgow. It is so popular that variations have sprung from the classic dish ' such as a deep-fried Mars bar pizza. More deep-fried varieties being served in Glasgow include deep-fried marshmallows, deep-fried cheesecakes and deep-fried ice cream. Maybe get these items to share with some friends, as consuming them by yourself will fill your daily calorie intake needs in just one meal.

Another famous ' and unhealthy ' dish that is well-known in Glasgow is the munchy box. A munchy box is basically a pizza box filled with various fast food items, such as fish and chips, pakora, pizza, kebab and onion rings. While it is not recommended to eat a munchy box on your own either, it is a popular meal to share with friends after a night out.

What you must do and must see in Glasgow

One thing you must see in Glasgow is the Duke of Wellington. Part of many postcards, the famous statue always dons a traffic cone as a hat ' sometimes even two ' and it should be kept that way. Another thing you must see in Glasgow as part of its local culture is the Barras. The Barras is street and indoor market in the East End only open on weekends where you can find cheap second-hand furniture, books, DVDs, interesting vintage pieces and cool pieces of art ' both old and new.

When the sun finally comes out in Glasgow, you should take part in or at least be a spectator of the 'taps aff' culture. Head to one of Glasgow's many parks, and you are sure to find almost everyone in Glasgow enjoying the sun ' shirtless or not ' with barbeques, picnics and fun and games. There is a special feeling in Glasgow when the weather gets warm and sunny.

Other must do's in Glasgow is to watch some extremely affordable stand-up comedy at The Stand, and to eat some haggis and visit a ceilidh on Burns night, which is a celebratory day in honour of Scottish poet Robert Burns. If football is your thing, seeing the local football team, Rangers FC playing at Ibrox Stadium is also a must-see.

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