Transitionsing from a US High School to a Scottish Secondary School?

I have a pending job offer that would allow me to move from the US to Glasgow in the summer of 2020.  My son would be entering his junior year of high school here in the US after the summer.  My understanding is the educational systems are quite different between the two countries but I'm wondering if anyone here has had a child make a similar move?  I looked into an IB school but cannot seem to locate one in Glasgow and I don't want to commute from Edinburgh.  Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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When I did it (many, many years ago), it was no problem, but I was a lot younger than your son will be and pretty much grew up in the UK system.

For what it's worth, my opinion, albeit only from talking to the guys that worked for me up there, is that on the whole, the Scottish education system was highly regarded, just that the politicians have started to change things and in the process are starting to really screw things up where they are changing things they had already changed before the changes were fully implemented, it's a bit chaotic up there.

You're right about IB schools, I could only find 4 in the whole of Scotland, 2 in Edinburgh and the others in Fife and Aberdeen (even further from Glasgow).

If you decide to live in Edinburgh, there is a pretty good rail service between there and Glasgow (every 15 minutes, - takes just under an hour) but it would be quite a chunk to add to your working day, but many people work on the train to and from work and some employers regard this as working time, so maybe not so bad.

Hope this helps.

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Apart from politicians messing up the UK's education system (No shock there). many state schools are dumps that the RSPCA would prosecute you for if you sent a dog there.


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@jgVT I'd be interested in hearing how your move went and how the school integration is progressing.
@jgVT I'd be interested in hearing how your move went and how the school integration is progressing.
- @jonnynelson

It is doubtful you will get a reply as they have only made one post on the site and that was 2 years ago and never returned.