Colchester to Scotland, is Linlithgow a good choice?


I'll be moving to Scotland with my husband and 3 kids in a couple of months for studies at Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh.

We are considering Linlithgow primarily for the quality of schools there (I hope Linlithgow Academy is not oversubscribed) and reduced cost of living.

What's your take of the town in terms of housing rent, cost of living, commuting to musselburgh, and Pentecostal churches ( I haven't found any comment on the later so far)


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The place you're looking at moving to is near Edinburgh, which is the most expensive part of Scotland; that said, the actual towns you have mentioned are either side of Edinburgh, there is a train service, but you're looking at an hour each way.  If you're moving from Colchester, then there should not be too much of a difference in the cost of living.

Pentecostal churches - I couldn't find any near Linlithgow; if this is important to you, then perhaps you should pay a visit to the area and ask around in the other Christian churches.

School - my advice is to find their website and contact them to ask about vacancies, schools are currently closed for the Summer holidays.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Mañy thanks for the information shared. I found it very useful.

Could you recommend some good primary and secondary schools around Musselburgh?

Loads of thanks

Hi again,

I've never personally used any school in Musselburgh; this link will take you to a Google search I just did that lists many of the schools in the region, plus some reviews that others have made.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

If you go to websites like Zoopla and enter rent and the name of the place Linlithgow it will show you what's available for rent. You can set your maximum budget too. You can use sites like this for any town or village or city to get a good idea of the cost of rented property in the UK.

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