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Updated 2019-08-22 13:59

After a hard day at work or a long day attending lectures at university, going out on a weeknight is an excellent way to relax and socialise with friends and colleagues. Glasgow has a booming nightlife during the weekend, but also during weeknights with free entry deals, cheap drinks and pub events usually occurring during the latter.

Fast-paced activities for an exciting night out in Glasgow

If you have a very dull and slow-paced job or sit in university lectures all day it might be good to spice up some of your weeknights with a fast-paced and wild night out in Glasgow. Glasgow is everything but short of things to do on a night out.

Many clubs are open during the week, especially during the academic year ' as university students make up a large portion of the clubbing population. Popular clubs include The Garage, Scotland's biggest nightclub, that is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Another popular club is Sub Club, which is a famous venue for electronic music in Scotland. Other venues, especially popular with students, are Bamboo, Nice n Sleazy and Mango. Glasgow also has a large LGBTQ friendly venue 'Scotland's largest' called Polo.

If clubbing is not quite your scene, but you still enjoy dancing, there are ceilidhs (traditional Scottish dancing events) on somewhere almost every day. A ceilidh actually means 'gathering' in Gaelic but is today in Scotland synonymous with a particular kind of group and pair dances usually performed to live music. You can come into a ceilidh as a complete beginner because at most ceilidhs there is a 'caller' who will teach the steps before each dance starts. Also, do not worry if you are not a great dancer - most ceilidhs are intended just for fun, so no one will mind if you take a wrong step or accidentally spin the wrong way.

If you do not want to dance, but still want a fast-paced night out, you could go to one of Glasgow's many concerts ' or gigs as they are called locally. Glasgow is famous for its music scene, and popular artists from all over the globe come to perform in one of Glasgow's many music venues. Be on the lookout for when tickets are released to see your favourite artists perform in Glasgow, or just have a browse through upcoming concerts, festivals and gigs.

Relaxing after a stressful day in Glasgow

If you have a more high-powered job, you might need to use your weeknights to wind down and get rid of the stress from the day. As such, you might be interested in more relaxing and chill activities one can do on a night out in Glasgow.

If you want to cool down after work with a pint of beer or two, you should head to one of Glasgow's many pubs. There are many options to choose from, as no matter where you live in Glasgow, there is sure to be a pub nearby. Popular pubs in Glasgow include The Curler's Rest and The Sparkle Horse, both with traditionally sounding names and both serving traditional Scottish pub food. Both of these pubs also host a pub quiz weekly - The Sparkle Horse on Mondays and The Curler's Rest on Tuesdays.

Pub quizzes are also a great way to unwind and share some laughs and great conversations with friends or colleagues. Another tip is Lebowski's, a unique bar in Finnieston that offers themed drinks from the movie The Big Lebowski. Perfect if you are a movie buff or just looking for some quirky but tasty White Russians.

If a pub quiz sounds a bit boring to you, there are more modern forms of entertainment offered at other pubs. For example, Super Bario is Glasgow's first arcade bar and offers drinks alongside classic and retro arcade games. Another place to play games in the evening is West End Games, a board gaming café with drinks and fresh snacks situated in, as the name implies, the West End. Bowling can be done at Hollywood Bowl just slightly south of the Clyde, where you can also get a nice cocktail delivered to your bowling lane, play a few rounds of billiards or spend some change on arcade machines.

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