The cuisine and food scene in Glasgow

food in Glasgow
Updated 2019-08-22 12:28

Glasgow offers a large variety of food from all over the world. Whether you're hungry for sushi or pizza, an affordable dining experience is always close by. This guide will point you to some of the best restaurants in Glasgow and help you eat cheap across the city.

Scottish cuisine

Traditional Scottish foods include haggis, black pudding and scotch pie. These can be found all over Glasgow. Named after the Scottish slang for food, Scran is one of Glasgow's top-rated restaurants to serve traditional Scottish cuisine.

Fish and Chips is also a popular dish in Scotland. Glasgow is home to many small fish and chip restaurants. Blue Lagoon has multiple locations across the city, while Old Salty's is one of the best-rated fish and chip restaurants in the city.

Of course, you can't talk about Scotland without mentioning Scotch whisky. There are always a few varieties of whisky available at almost any pub, but there are also distilleries close to Glasgow where you can go on a distillery tour to see how the popular drink is made and get a few samples.

Other popular foods in Glasgow

You are not limited to the Scottish palate in Glasgow. There are many popular South Asian, East Asian, and Italian restaurants/cafes scattered throughout the city.

South Asian food is very much a part of Scottish culture, with some claiming that the UK's most popular Indian dish, Chicken Tikka Masala, was invented in Glasgow by immigrants looking to cater to the Western tongue. If you are in the market for Indian food, one of the best places to go in Glasgow is Mother India, while Ranjit's Kitchen is one of the cheapest.

Opium is one of the most popular East Asian restaurants in Glasgow. There are also large national chain restaurants such as Yo! Sushi and Wagamama.

Popular Italian restaurants in Glasgow include Zizzi and Pizza Express. These are restaurants with many locations throughout the UK. For a more uniquely Glasgow experience, Pizza Punks offers a create-your-own pizza with unlimited toppings ranging from haggis to potato.

For vegetarians and vegans, Glasgow is one of the best cities in the UK. There are many 100% plant-based restaurants, and nearly all food outlets cater to at least vegetarians. One of the most popular vegan establishments is Mono. Meat-free restaurants are also some of the cheapest in Glasgow.

Delivery services in Glasgow

Most Glasgow restaurants offer delivery services through the websites Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats - just type in your postcode (part of UK addresses) and see what's available. Because of the large variety of food available in Glasgow, you should be able to order whatever you feel like eating, where ever you are. Delivery charges will usually be added to the cost of the order at about £3 per delivery.

Prices- what to expect in Glasgow

Most meals in Glasgow restaurants cost over £10 per person. Three-course meals can be around £30 at the cheapest. If you want to save money when eating out, go at lunchtime instead. Many restaurants serve more affordable menus at this time.

If you want to save even more money, and don't want to cook, most supermarkets offer "meal deals". These usually include a sandwich, snack and a drink for around £3. The same kind of value for money can be found at fast-food restaurants, which are well-distributed throughout the city.

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