Planning to Move from US to Scotland, maybe

I've finally decided. I'm definitely going to move. I don't 100% know where yet. I have a large dog. If you have tips on what I meed to look into first, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi again and welcome back.

Don't forget you will need a work visa in order to come and live in the UK; there is no situation where they will give you a visa, then you look for work when you get here - you must find a job and get the associated sponsor visa before you fly.

Dogs - not a problem; we have dogs in the UK and people travel with them frequently.  The rules are strict and you can find them on the UK Gov website; this link will take you straight there.

There is one thing you should realise, that being the UK does not recognise "Companion Pets", which means it will not be allowed to travel with you in the cabin of the aircraft, it will have to go in an approved pet container and it will travel in the hold of the aircraft.  In itself, that's nothing to worry about, the holds of modern aircraft have the same atmosphere as the cabin above it; I mention it as some people can get quite emotional about it.  Most shops and stores in the UK don't allow pets inside.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

@Cynic I've been trying so hard to find a sponsorship job but you can't get the rights to work and live if you can't get the offer letter. Any suggestions? Any recommendations? Please help