Anyone who moved from Canada to Scotland and can compare?

Hi, can anyone compare their experience as to living conditions and expenses when it comes to bringing up a family in Scotland, versus Toronto? We are thinking of moving to Scotland. My husband is of Scottish descend, born in Canada, and I am was born in central EU, but grew up in Canada. Currently we live in Toronto, but the cost of living is high, especially daycare and housing costs, so the standard of living we can afford here is not how we want to bring up a family. We have two children, just entering the school system. We moved to the suburbs, so that we could afford a house and live in a reasonably clean environment, but the commute is killing us, it is costly, we have no family time and we are just beyond exhausted, spending over 90 min on the road each way, even though it is only a 30 min drive without traffic. All we want is a good school for our kids, a house and a reasonable commute. The houses here range around 450K-500K (Can) for a 3 bedroom in the suburbs and an older, probably a moldy one, in Toronto.  With all the expenses, we can't afford any outside help for cleaning or anyone to stay with the kids when they are sick. Right now we are doing shifts, one stays with the kids when they are sick during the day and works at nigh, the other reverse. February was particularly bad with the kids having one bug after another, because other parents are in the same situation and send kids to school still sick, so it is a bug breeding ground. Can anyone compare living conditions in Scotland? More on Toronto and the suburbs:

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I hope that other memebers will bring their experience in this thread soon. Else, you can also contact some Canadian expat directly via this page: Canadian expatriates in Scotland!


I'm not a parent, so you'll probably have a few different issues than I had. I was living in Vancouver before coming to Scotland. Not as expensive as Toronto but not cheap either.

Most things in the UK are more expensive, including food and accommodation. However, people in the UK do not perceive distances the same way Canadians do - a 90 minute commute is extremely rare. The trains are a little expensive, but have a very good service to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Most of the jobs are in these two cities and if you want to maintain a suburban life, there are many beautiful villages within a 30 minute train ride.

Also, there are more stat holidays and more vacation days in the UK. Its a much slower pace than Toronto and Vancouver.

Hello, As long as you have family,friends,job Canada is a great place to be,once all of this falls apart, just like anywhere,it is a lonely place to be, I want to move back home to Scotland but I do not have a job or apt, not even anyone I know back home to see me from the plane, can someone give me information on who to contact.
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