Moving to Scotland after retirement

Hello everybody !

My name is Patrick and although my retirement is still far away (+/- 10 years), I'm thinking of moving to Scotland after my retirement.

Unfortunately, everybody I've mailed so far with this question is giving me the same internet links but they are always for people who want to work or study in Scotland. All the others (the mayority) is telling me to ask someone else (thanks very much).

Does someone have any knowledge about moving to Scotland AFTER retirement?

Thank you very much for your time, I really could use some help on this topic

Patrick Van Calck


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Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Unfortunately, the UK no longer offer retirement visas (to anybody); virtually the only way to get an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK is to have worked here for the qualifying period and then apply.

The UK Government website ( lists all possible permutations of the visas currently available, you seem to have plenty of time on your hands until retirement, so my advice is to read through that and see if there are any visas you think you may qualify for, then come back with some specific questions.  This link will take you straight to the website.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team