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Updated 2019-08-21 14:54

What is it like moving to Glasgow? You might already have a lot of expectations of what you will experience, and you might have already formed your own idea of what Glasgow is like based on things you have watched, read or heard from others. This guide will help you manage your expectations before getting on the plane and taking your first steps as an expat in Glasgow.

Your first hours in Glasgow ' what to expect?

As you get off the plane in Glasgow, you will most likely be met with cloudy skies and rain. Glasgow gets more days of rain - 170 days to be precise ' than anywhere else in the UK. So, remember to pack an umbrella, raincoat, and some waterproof shoes when you move to Glasgow. However, do not let the weather deceive you ' Glasgow is not a gloomy city. The frequency of rainy days in Glasgow means that once the sun does come out, everyone will be out and enjoying it to the fullest. 'To appreciate the sun, you have to know what rain is' is a saying which fits the city very well.

One of the first things you might have to do in Glasgow is to get a taxi to wherever you need to go. There are Ubers in Glasgow, but if you have just landed, it might be easier to find a taxi waiting outside the airport or by the central bus station. Glasgow Taxis is the largest supplier of taxis in Glasgow, but there are also other companies operating.

Trying to talk to your taxi driver might make you worried that you have landed in a different country. Do not fret; it is just 'Glasgow patter' - the local accent in Glasgow. Before you land, it might be worth looking up some common slang and Glaswegian words. However, being in the city for a while will definitely help you pick up on words and pronunciations, and after a few years, you might start to understand Glasgow's chatty taxi drivers. So, do not worry if, upon landing, it seems like no one is speaking the same English that you have learned to speak ' you can just ask them to speak more slowly.

Myths and preconceptions about Glasgow

You might already have some idea of what Glasgow is like. Some of your misconceptions might be true, while others might be based on rumours or false ideas. One common worry that is frequently asked on the internet is 'Is Glasgow dangerous?'. The answer is both yes and no. While Glasgow does have a fairly high rate of crime, living in this city is not necessarily more dangerous than living anywhere else. The amount of recorded crime in Glasgow has also been steadily reducing in the past ten years. However, it is always recommended not to walk in high-risk areas alone at night ' as is the case anywhere in the world. Most people in Glasgow are extremely friendly and are willing to offer you help if you need it. After all, Glasgow's slogan is 'People Make Glasgow'.

Another stereotype about Glasgow is that Glaswegians are unhealthy. While deep-fried food and binge-drinking are popular with some locals, there is also a lot of healthy individuals living in Glasgow. Exercising and being healthy is so easy in Glasgow, with an abundance of cheap or even free recreational areas and a lot of healthy vegan restaurants and juice bars. Trying the classic deep-fried Mars bar or going out drinking every now and then can, however, be a part of an otherwise healthy Glaswegian lifestyle.

Basic facts about Glasgow

Glasgow is a great city for expats. Moving to Glasgow from abroad is easy due to its abundance of international students and workers. People in Glasgow are amicable and accommodating to outsiders, and you can always ask locals for help or tips when lost or confused. Glasgow has three large universities which attract a lot of students from abroad, so if you are moving to Glasgow to study you will not be alone.

Food, housing and entertainment can be extremely cheap in Glasgow if you know how to find the best deals. For example, renting a flat in Glasgow will cost you about half the price of a flat in London. Hence, Glasgow is an excellent place for someone looking for a bustling industrial city with a lot of culture and events, but who wants to save a bit of money. Eating out in Glasgow will cost you about £10 per person, so if you are looking to save money, eating in will probably be a better option. Finding affordable groceries is extremely easy in Glasgow, with most shops having reduced the price of groceries towards the end of the day. If you are shopping sensibly, you can make a meal for as little as £1.

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