Hi all! I'm here because I have a million questions. I have an opportunity to work in a small town in Scotland, "Auchterarder", and I would really appreciate any information you can give me about: how is the lifestyle of that city? how is the weather, housing, food, etc? .... what is the price to rent a two-bedroom house in the village? any information from people who have lived there is very valuable to me! Thanks to all!

hi there, i am a mum of 2 living very close to auchterarder in crieff. i have lots of friends from there though and rental opportunities shouldn't be a problem. check out the local "estate agencies" - just google "estate agency auchterarder" and they will help you with that. auchterarder will not have much in the way of nightlife but if you want a quiet town, it will do. it has cute coffee shops and such, a good butcher, groceries, florist and gifts etc, it has that. the weather, like most of scotland, sucks compared to the states but you get used to that, and scotland makes up for it in many other ways. i am hardly ever on this forum but happy to chat further - i spend more time on facebook and there's a group i'd recommend for you:!/groups/169105136496589/. or message me on facebook, kim dennison mckeggie. good luck!


As Kim has told you, Auchterarder is a small town, not like anything you may have experienced in Spain. Life will be a bit complicated in winter, since the long nights will see most of people in their houses very early. However, for sure you sill find the local pubs nice to visit.

On the other hand, summer has many (many) light hours and that allows you to enjoy walks and outdoors activities. The area is gorgeous, with interesting places very close by, such as Crieff, Stirling and Perth as the main populated centres. Also it is very close to the Trossachs and Loch Lommond area.

All in all it can add up to a very nice experience, different from Spain and Argentina for sure.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the information!!!!!youŽve been very helpful!!! Now itŽs a fact that IŽll live in Auchterarder, Thank you!!

in the other hand, I am a little scared about the winter time...

I would consider Stirling or Perth first. Auchterarder seems to be a small town, which can be very quickly boring and frustrating. At least Perth and Stirling have cinemas, libraries and gyms.

You ask about the lifestyle, I'd say that Scots are friendly people, they are always curious about foreigners, maybe more so in small towns.

The weather in Scotland: it is what it is. It does rain a lot but never for too long. The winters are not terribly cold in my opinion.

How's the food? It's kind of disappointing even though it has really improved in the last 10 years, you now find a good variety of produce everywhere, and there are international brands in every supermarkets.

I hope that helps.
Again I think it would be better for you to consider living in Sterling or Perth, for the cultural life and the choice of entertainment.
I speak from experience, when I arrived in Scotland, I went to live in Gourock where there was nothing to do at all. That means that to go to a gym, or to the cinema it was a 20 minutes drive, not really fun at all. I finally moved to Glasgow which is a great city.