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Hi everyone,

My name is Kim and I'm researching my options to be able to work in Scotland. I want to move to Scotland as my boyfriend is Scottish and lives there. I'm Dutch (Netherlands) so unfortunately due to Brexit I'll now need a visa to work.

I'm an innovation manager at a Dutch corporate at the moment, and unfortunately they don't have any branches in the UK. So I'm afraid I'll have to quit my job and find a local one. So far, I've come to three options:

  • I find a local job with visa sponsorship. From my research so far, it doesn't seem that there are many jobs out there willing to provide a sponsorship. But maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places.. Where can I best look for these kind of jobs?
  • I work remotely for a "remote company" (after corona there are many out there). For example, I work for a Dutch company but I can work fulltime from Scotland. But I'm really not sure how that works, and what is possible / what the rules are for example regarding tax. Does anyone know more about this?
  • I start a new company (in the UK) and apply for a startup visa. I have been working on a new concept and I've got some savings to follow this path. Yet, it feels a bit too soon to actually embark on this journey. However, it could be an easy way towards a visa? Anyone has experience with this?

Many questions! Any advice and tips would be most welcome.

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Hi and welcome to the Forum.

What you are considering is not impossible, but not easy.  There are many different work visas you can consider; this link will take you to the UK Gov website where they are all listed.  To answer your specific questions:

  • Best place to look.  I'd recommend LinkedIn; reach out to your peers and colleagues who already do what you do, but here in the UK.  Speak to them and find out who is hiring, where that is and how much they are paying.
  • Rules/taxes.  I know someone who does it, but he works for the Dutch Government and the rules for them working overseas fall outside any EU rules and obligations; I suspect this loophole will be closed in due course if it hasn't already.  His Dutch work contract complies with the CAO and reflects the reality and he does have to spend a specified number of days working back in the Netherlands.  He pays his taxes etc in the Netherlands.
  • You'll still need one of the work visas.  Where you are assessed for taxes does depend on where you are deemed as being a resident for the greater part of a tax year.  It's a bit complicated because the Dutch and UK tax years run over different periods (NL Jan>Dec; UK Apr>Mar), but in general, if you live in the UK, you'll be assessed here.  However, assessed does not mean pay in these matters.  There is a tax treaty in place between the UK/NL (link), it generally covers things like double-taxation, pensions and business taxes, so may help you - my advice is to speak to a tax expert (services link at the top of this page), nobody here on the Forum is qualified to tell you the detail.

You haven't mentioned it, but you could qualify for a family visa (to join your partner).  Here is a link to the UK Gov website on this matter.  Have you considered what is probably the simplest and most pragmatic answer to your situation and is what my wife and I had to do many years ago, get married?

Anyway, I hope this has helped, groetjes van uit Engeland.


Expat Team

@Cynic Thanks so much for all the information, very helpful!

@Cynic, it looks like getting a cicil partnership will be the easiest way. Do you have any recommendations on immigration lawyers, or else some advice how to get this going?

Thank you

    @Cynic, it looks like getting a cicil partnership will be the easiest way. Do you have any recommendations on immigration lawyers, or else some advice how to get this going?
Thank you


Hi again and welcome back.

If you are in a registered civil partnership, my opinion for what it's worth is that you won't need a lawyer, just apply for a family visa.  Details of how can be found on the UK Gov website; this link will take you straight to it.

However, to answer your specific question, no, I don't have any recommendations.  The Forum does have a link to somebody who may be able to help you further; this link will take you to the relevant section.  As in all things on the Internet, buyer beware.


Expat Team