Is it possible to buy a property in Scotland ?


Is it possible to buy a property in Scotland if living as a citizen in Europe? Thanks.

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Till members provide their feedback, feel free to read the articles under the Accommodation in Scotland section of the Guide. Some of them are related to your question.

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Anyone can buy land in the UK.

However, watch out for dodgy estate agents - There are plenty of them out there

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You can but be aware of all the legal requirements.

@Fred What dogy means, please?

@nasroodin Ok, thank you.

@Fred What dogy means, please?

A typo for dodgy.

There are plenty of agents out there that will try to sell you overpriced rubbish, and a few that are just con artists.

Always check the same house on several sites. The spammer we had on here seemed to be taking other companies' listings, then putting  them on his site at a higher price.


Where can I get information about buying property in the Stirling area?

Check out this link.  There are other similar sites, my advice is to use Google to find them.

Yes, it is possible to buy a property in Scotland. Consult with local real estate agencies like Umega for available listings and navigate the Scottish property buying process.