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Redefining the skills students need to take on the world
St John's International School
Redefining the skills students need to take ...
Promoting open-minded dialogue and relationship building alongside academic excellence have always been at the heart of international education. Now, in an ever-changing learning landscape and a time of unprecedented global disruption, schools the world over are re-evaluating their educational approach to help students navigate these uncertain times. Dr David Brooke - Head of St John's International School in Brussels - explains how it's never been more important to embed compassion and resilience into education, and how his school is empowering young leaders with the skills to deal with unpredictability in a globally responsible way.
Why VOIP and IPTV are great options for expats: Tips from an expert
Why VOIP and IPTV are great options for ...
Communication and information needs may be various when one moves overseas, and as an expat, you might not be fully aware of the options available to you in your host country. Gustavo Neiva de Medeiros, a streaming TV expert and media entrepreneur, is the CEO of TeleUP service. He talks to us about the benefits of getting VOIP and IPTV services for expats.
Transferring money from abroad: challenges and solutions
Transferring money from abroad: challenges ...
Expats may have different reasons to transfer money back home: some of them want to support their families, and others make savings while working overseas. Yet, the process of sending money home stays the same – and it can be quite cumbersome at times.
ICS Milan International School: an innovative approach to learning
ICS Milan International School: an ...
What makes a difference in a student's education? ICS Milan offers an innovative teaching approach based on Design Thinking and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). This learning approach prepares each student to solve problems that have not yet been imagined and to work in jobs that have not yet been invented. An important part of this educational approach is that students who are taught under a STEAM framework are not just taught the subject matter, but they are taught how to learn, how to ask questions, how to experiment and how to create.
Tips on how to live your best expat life in Turkey
Antalya Homes
Tips on how to live your best expat life in ...
Turkey is one of the best destinations for a joyous holiday, but what about settling down? Life in Turkey is like an all-year-long summer vacation if you have a grasp of the essentials of living in this welcoming country. Here are some useful tips from Antalya Homes ® to live your best life in Turkey.
The top 5 destinations for expats in 2023
AGS Déménagements
The top 5 destinations for expats in 2023
If you have decided to move abroad in 2023 but are still not sure where to, a few factors can help you out. While quality of life is a determining factor for everyone, the factors can change depending on your situation. If you're a professional, for example, the job market situation will also come into play. Here is our selection of the 5 best destinations for the new year according to these criteria.
The Barcelona International Welcome Desk is a success amongst expats and to be-expats
Barcelona City Council
The Barcelona International Welcome Desk is ...
Barcelona International Welcome Desk website has had almost 3,000 visits per month since it was launched in November 2021.
Portugal's visa reform could scrap the controversial Golden Visa
Holborn Assets
Portugal's visa reform could scrap the ...
Portugal is currently overhauling its visa system. In July, reforms made to the Law on Foreign Nationals created a 120-day Jobseeker Visa for third-country nationals to look for employment in the country. Later, in November, the Prime Minister also announced that the controversial Golden Visa could soon be scrapped.
Your move abroad checklist
AGS Déménagements
Your move abroad checklist
That's it, you're going abroad! You can't wait to be in your new home and build a new life for yourself. But first, you have to organize the move. And that's a whole other ballgame. Enter: our moving abroad partner AGS with this super practical moving checklist.
Barcelona International Community Day to welcome the city's international talent for yet another year
Barcelona City Council
Barcelona International Community Day to ...
The initiative, organised by Barcelona City Council, will be held Saturday 22 October at the Maritime Museum. Entry is free of charge.
Is there a perfect time to invest in the market?
Holborn Assets
Is there a perfect time to invest in the ...
Attempting to time the market has been proven to be a foolish idea time and time again. It could even cost you a lot of money. When it comes to investing, a long-term, diversified strategy is far more likely to result in positive returns than chasing short-term gains.
The best time for Overseas Citizens to cast their Absentee Ballot is now
Federal Voting Assistance Program
The best time for Overseas Citizens to cast ...
Whether you're an American studying abroad, working overseas or a long-term expat, you can vote in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections – but the deadlines are approaching.
Europe's leading photo service is now available worldwide
Europe's leading photo service is now ...
The award-winning CEWE photo service now offers worldwide shipping so you can order our one-of-a-kind photo products no matter where you are. Let friends and family back home share in your adventures and milestones. Precious memories of shared moments deserve to be saved for posterity, and our products, made in Europe by a company that places environmental conservation at the heart of their business. CEWE PHOTOBOOK, calendars, wooden hangars for calendars and posters, canvas prints, wood photo prints, jigsaw puzzles, memory boxes, square prints and retro prints, are all FSC ® certified products.
Wealth Tax in Spain: How much will you pay?
Holborn Assets
Wealth Tax in Spain: How much will you pay?
Whether you live in Andalusia, Mallorca, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, or the Canary Islands – Wealth Tax may affect you. It is therefore critical to understand Spain's wealth tax rules.
How to Easily Get a Maltese e-Wallet Account
Banks and finance
How to Easily Get a Maltese e-Wallet Account
Getting a bank account in Malta can be difficult. Maltese banks have a notoriously long waiting period to approve a bank account, and employers prefer a Maltese IBAN when it comes to paying out salaries. For many expats, the answer is often to take their salary in cash. Fortunately, iPaymix now makes getting a Maltese IBAN much easier.
Combating expat blues: How to utilize Positive Psychology
Centre for Executive Education University for Peace
Combating expat blues: How to utilize ...
This is a story that many expats understand, but don't always talk about. Follow one expat's journey back to happiness through the application of the PERMA model, a powerful tool in positive psychology, and discover how you can learn more about yourself in the process.
Leaving everything to work in Online Casino in Malta
EVO Academy
Leaving everything to work in Online Casino ...
When I am asked what I want to do next, my answer is that all I know is:  I want it to be in Malta! I moved here two years ago. I was fresh out of school and I found an opportunity at this incredible company and thought… why not?
Three mistakes to avoid when estate planning in Portugal
Holborn Assets Wealth Management
Three mistakes to avoid when estate planning ...
If you're living in Portugal, you might need to review your estate planning. This is to ensure your legacy will pass to your chosen heirs without an unnecessary tax bill.

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Teaching abroad: What are your prospects in 2023?
Teaching abroad: What are your prospects in ...
Teachers must take many things into consideration when moving abroad. Are there enough vacancies in education abroad? Should they apply to public or private schools? How can they get their degree and teaching license recognized in another country? In 2023, it's more complicated than before to get employed as a foreign teacher in Gulf countries and in China. Meanwhile, many European countries are in dire need of expat teachers.
How to have a thriving career abroad
How to have a thriving career abroad
How should you plan your career abroad? Whether you have a promise of employment or are leaving to search for your dream job, setting goals is essential to envision your project better. So what should you focus on, professionally and personally? And what should be done? Let's take a look at the issues and get some practical advice.
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for expats?
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for ...
Following years of euphoria and a strong hiring trend in the early days of COVID, uncertainty took over the US Tech sector. Successive waves of layoffs worldwide have left thousands of employees in shock. The situation is particularly critical in the United States, with foreigners forced by their visas to find a job quickly. But what led to such a huge surge in layoffs? What is the future of the US tech sector, and how are foreign workers impacted?
Working abroad: Perks of gaining first-time experience in farming 
Working abroad: Perks of gaining first-time ...
Agriculture is a field in need of short-term workers in various countries. Multiple farming jobs, notably fruit picking, don't require previous experience. These jobs are a great choice for young people looking to make some money while discovering the world or even older adults who want to take a sabbatical year. Canada, New Zealand and Australia are all in great need of permanent and temporary agricultural workers.
South Korea: These sectors are currently facing labor shortages
South Korea
South Korea: These sectors are currently ...
Will 2023 be the year of a new economic and even demographic boost in South Korea? This is the government's hope and belief as it outlines its plan to revive the South Korean economy. Since important sectors are suffering from acute labor shortages, it is taking new measures to welcome foreign workers. Which are the most affected sectors and are in desperate need of expat workers?
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration policy
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration ...
According to Swedish Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard, this move aims to "reduce the risk of painful tragedies for migrants". Underlying this measure is, in fact, the political pressure exerted by the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) party. The SD intends to take advantage of Sweden's presidency of the European Union to steer migration policy.