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Study abroad: How to carefully choose a university and secure a seat
Study abroad: How to carefully choose a ...
Nearly half of the international students admitted to Canadian institutions have been facing visa rejections over the past months, with certain public colleges in Ontario experiencing the denial of thousands of admitted students.
Study abroad: Where should I move in 2024?
Study abroad: Where should I move in 2024?
International student mobility is increasingly important in the strategies of countries vying to attract foreign talent. Are the top choices of 2024 still the countries usually favored by international students? What are the new priorities of international students?
Why are extracurriculars and leadership crucial in university applications?
Why are extracurriculars and leadership ...
Stellar grades are not the only things that matter in applications to prestigious universities. Sure, having primarily As and Bs is important, but in a day and age where many applicants have near-perfect transcripts, showing community engagement, leadership skills, athletic and artistic achievements, and a proven interest in research is also important. Universities are looking for candidates with a personality that shines through their personal statements and with the potential to become researchers, creators, and high-level athletes.
Emerging fields of study that can launch a thriving expat career
Emerging fields of study that can launch a ...
Some emerging fields of study come with the promise of exciting career growth. Many are associated with computer science and finance, but they are not necessarily a traditional degree in these two subjects. Moreover, only a diploma or certificate in some of these fields can often be enough to launch a career.
International students facing stricter criteria: Visa fee hikes and financial requirements
International students facing stricter ...
The immigration departments of some major study destinations have recently announced that they are raising the criteria that international students must meet. It is often financial criteria that is targeted: higher visa fees, tuition fees and proof of funds for the cost of living. This is a cause for concern for many prospective and current international students in the US, the UK, Australia and Finland.
The vital role of international students in university and country finances
The vital role of international students in ...
Universities in leading study destinations rely on international students to get tuition fees and fill research positions. This is especially the case for postgraduate and STEM (science and technology) courses, which remain more popular among international than domestic students. 
The most popular scholarships for international students
The most popular scholarships for ...
Studying abroad can come with a hefty price tag, especially in countries where tuition fees for out-of-state and international students are high or in countries with a strong local currency. Getting a scholarship can alleviate the financial stress that many international students and their families feel. What are some of the most popular scholarships for them?
Dual study-work programs in Germany: A unique opportunity for international students
Dual study-work programs in Germany: A ...
Dual work-study programs are distinctly German qualifications, although there do exist industry-oriented degrees elsewhere that are similar to them. As the name says, they are Bachelor's and Master's degrees, which include practical experience at a company in conjunction with academic classes on campus. They are particularly useful for subjects that are in themselves very vocational, such as business, design, engineering, technology and social work. 
Rising education costs around the world: Why studying abroad can be beneficial
Rising education costs around the world: Why ...
Is the rise in student mobility a result of the inflationary crisis? Rising prices in many countries are putting a strain on students' budgets. Many have already suffered the consequences of the health crisis, with the difficulty of keeping a small job and, therefore, saving money. With the ever-increasing cost of education, should you move abroad to study? Can it be cheaper? How do students balance cost and quality of life?
How international students choose their ideal study destination
How international students choose their ...
The educational guidance company IDP Connect recently published its Emerging Futures 3 report. In it, they analyze which destinations international students prefer and why. Canada came out as a top favorite, followed by Australia, the US and the UK in that respective order. The quality of education, post-study work opportunities and safety emerged as the key factors in choosing a destination.
Schooling abroad: What expats should know about school uniforms
Schooling abroad: What expats should know ...
Should students wear school uniforms? The subject is once again being debated in France. In most countries, uniforms are much more than just a question of clothing. They play a key role in promoting equality, the sense of belonging to a group and combating discrimination. In some countries, on the other hand, they are failing to combat inequality. So, which countries have made wearing school uniforms compulsory, and where is it no longer the norm?
Understanding diploma recognition abroad: What expats need to know
Understanding diploma recognition abroad: ...
If you're planning to study or work abroad, have you checked whether your diploma or program will be recognized in your target country? Diploma recognition isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to our mind when we plan to move abroad for work or study. However, the non-recognition of your diploma or degree can have a particular impact on your plans.
International students: Setting up in your first month abroad
International students: Setting up in your ...
The first few weeks as an international student in a new country involve many administrative tasks. You might also need to buy things that would have been difficult to bring in your luggage. What is the usual checklist of tasks for new international students?
Study abroad: The different types of post-secondary institutions for international students
Study abroad: The different types of ...
University, liberal arts college, community college, vocational universities – what is the difference between all of these types of post-secondary educational institutions? Choosing a type of institution can be a confusing matter for international applicants whose home country might have a completely different education system. Below, we summarize the main kinds of post-secondary institutions.
Grants for students with disabilities: Making international mobility possible
Grants for students with disabilities: ...
Studying abroad with a disability is possible, although the path can be more complicated. Many solutions exist to help students with disabilities make their dreams a reality. Here's an overview of international mobility programs and some practical advice.
Why consult overseas education counselors before studying abroad?
Why consult overseas education counselors ...
Studying abroad can be an incredible opportunity to learn, not only academically but also via experience. But this journey can be quite overwhelming. This is where overseas education counselors come in. They can help you manage student loans, find accommodation close to your university, purchase health insurance, and much more.
Brexit's impact: Why EU students are choosing new study destinations
Brexit's impact: Why EU students are ...
Since the end of the Brexit transition period in December 2020, students from the European Union are longer eligible for domestic tuition and tuition loans in the UK. Instead of a maximum of £9,250 per year for an undergraduate degree, EU students must now pay £15,000- £70,000 per year. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a sharp decline in the number of European students enrolling in British universities. These students now prefer to go to Germany, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Canada, where tuition fees are more affordable.
Reduced school grants in France: A strain on international students and French expats
Reduced school grants in France: A strain on ...
The new school year in France starts on a harsh note. A cut in school grants has been announced. This is likely to be a headache not only for international students but also for French families living abroad. Beyond the rising student cost of living, this measure sounds like a long-lasting crisis.