Which are the world's biggest real estate bubbles
Which are the world's biggest real estate ...
Property prices are soaring! The effect of these surging prices was already being felt before the health crisis and has since become more pronounced. While real estate is considered a strong safe haven, especially in times of crisis, all indicators are in the red. The situation is particularly critical in China and is tending to cause havoc in other markets around the world, in North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. Between overheating and running out of steam, the real estate crisis is sending contradictory signals to the entire business world. Let's decrypt the situation in some of these countries affected by the real estate crisis.
Work, inflation, rising rent: These restrictions are affecting international students
Everyday life
Work, inflation, rising rent: These ...
One thing is for sure! Everyday life has become very challenging since the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, the energy crisis and inflation have only made things more stressful for international students. Finding a job to meet the increasing expenses has become essential. But how does one deal with the balance between studies and work? How does work fit into the life of an international student?
Common reasons why visa applications can be denied
Common reasons why visa applications can be ...
In 2021, France was the country in the Schengen area that rejected the most visa applications from Algerian nationals (32 000 applications). It was also the country that accepted the most (44,032 applications). The reason for this increase in the number of refusals is essentially political. France decided to reduce the number of visas granted to Algerians in response to Algeria's refusal to take back its nationals who were staying illegally in France. 
Americans are increasingly attracted to these countries
Cost of living
Americans are increasingly attracted to ...
Driven by a thirst for adventure, the lower cost of living abroad, and political dissatisfaction, Americans are moving abroad in rising numbers again in 2022, when most of the world's border restrictions have been lifted. Mexico and Portugal, in particular, have recently gained a lot of popularity as expat destinations for Americans, especially digital nomads. 
Can you lose your work permit if you're away from your expat country for too long?
Can you lose your work permit if you're away ...
Does being the holder of a work permit in your expat country mean that everything is possible? In the era of remote work and digital nomadism, the work permit is quite likely to be mistaken for a visa with all possibilities. Although it does grant rights to foreign workers, it also comes with a set of rules. What are the risks in case of infringement? Are you allowed to leave your host country for as long as you want?
Which are the new hotspots for international students?
Schools & studies
Which are the new hotspots for international ...
Two major events disrupted international student mobility during the past years – Brexit and the Covid pandemic. However, international mobility has picked up again with border reopenings worldwide, and some countries are among the new favorites among students. Which are they, and how are they beneficial for international students?
Four-day week: A boost to international careers?
Four-day week: A boost to international ...
Presented as one of the new flexicurity solutions, the four-day week seems to have a lot of benefits. Young workers, especially generation Z, are especially favorable to the option. While physicians and sociologists are researching the phenomenon, countries are experimenting with the new system by conducting full-scale tests. How does the four-day work week impact the lives of expatriates? Should it be part of the criteria for choosing your next destination?
Expats and fans amid the World Cup 2022 Qatar
Everyday life
Expats and fans amid the World Cup 2022 Qatar
The whole world has eyes on Qatar for this 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, which is taking place from November 20 to December 18h. How do expats in Qatar feel about this major event? How is the stay organized for those who make the trip to be with the soccer world? What is the general feeling among those who are attending the matches? And what about those who are calling for a boycott? 
How does pension freeze affect Britons living abroad?
Banks and finance
How does pension freeze affect Britons ...
British expats in countries without social security agreements with the UK receive “frozen pensions.” This means that their pension is locked at the level it was when they first relocated abroad. Many feel it is unfair because they had contributed to the National Insurance only to get back low amounts. This reduced pension amount makes some struggle financially amidst rampant global inflation.
Are expat freelancers eligible for social benefits?
Are expat freelancers eligible for social ...
Are you tempted to start a business abroad or create one in your home country with the possibility of working from anywhere in the world? With the boom of digital nomadism, more and more freelancers are taking the leap. But are they covered by their home country's social security? Are they entitled to some form of social assistance?
Which work visas have a maximum age limit?
Which work visas have a maximum age limit?
Some work visas explicitly target younger applicants in their 20s and 30s. Some visas with age cutoffs are working holiday visas, Australian permanent skilled work visas, and work permits in Gulf countries. Canadian points-based immigration systems also grant more points to younger applicants.
International education is steadily returning to pre-pandemic levels
Schools & studies
International education is steadily ...
International education was one of the sectors most affected by the lockdowns and border closures of 2020 and 2021. In 2022, it is picking up again in the most popular education destinations. However, the number of international students from China has decreased. Vaccination and quarantine requirements, arrangements for hybrid classes, political stability and post-work study rights are also affecting the popularity of each destination.
When a country's culture attracts expats
Everyday life
When a country's culture attracts expats
Whether you're seeking a great adventure, new career prospects and a professional challenge or to fulfill a childhood dream, so many reasons can lead one to want to move abroad. But what is it about a culture that attracts individuals to the point of motivating them to move abroad? What are these inspiring cultures?
Remote work: What are the risks if you move abroad without informing your employer
Remote work: What are the risks if you move ...
As work-from-home becomes the new normal, more expats feel tempted by the possibility of being a digital nomad who works from a Brazilian beach or a European summer house. However, some expats are doing it without the prior consent of their employers. This can create serious compliance and regulatory issues for the company, issues for which the worker can get sacked.
These countries have the largest immigrant populations
Everyday life
These countries have the largest immigrant ...
Canada is set to welcome 450,000 immigrants yearly by 2024. The country is looking to keep attracting international talent and is counting on its excellent track record to stay on top of the list of the most popular expat destinations. Which other countries have the highest immigrant populations and what are their current policies?
These are the most expensive African cities for expats
Cost of living
These are the most expensive African cities ...
Inflation continues rampaging over the world's economies, causing significant rises in commodity prices, soaring real estate values and growing inequalities almost everywhere. Earlier this year, Mercer published its 28th ranking of the most expensive African cities for expatriates, and the results are quite discouraging. Here's what expats have to say about the cost of living in African countries.        
New visa policies around the world: Weighing the pros and cons
New visa policies around the world: Weighing ...
Some governments are increasingly tightening their migration policies, and at the same time, their respective economies are facing labor shortages. These shortfalls have reached global proportions and are threatening economic growth, becoming alarming for some countries. Others are opting for a broader opening to skilled foreigners, considered essential engines of prosperity. 
Things expats should not forget when getting married abroad
Things expats should not forget when getting ...
Have you decided to take the leap of faith and are getting married? Congratulations! Of course, a wedding is always a wonderful life event, but as far as the planning is concerned, especially when you are an expatriate, it doesn't always go as smoothly as one may want. Depending on the country where you are currently living, you might encounter more or less daunting challenges and unforeseen obstacles along the way. But don't panic! Proper planning will avoid disappointments.

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What is the state of abortion laws in the European Union?
Everyday life
What is the state of abortion laws in the ...
Until now, Malta has been the only country in the European Union with a total ban on abortion, but that might soon change. Safe and legal abortion is available on request in most EU countries and is often even fully funded by the state. Apart from Malta, only Poland currently has highly restrictive access to abortion. Meanwhile, the rise of the far-right in Italy has awakened the fears of pro-choice citizens and expats there.
The Barcelona International Welcome Desk is a success amongst expats and to be-expats
Barcelona City Council
The Barcelona International Welcome Desk is ...
Barcelona International Welcome Desk website has had almost 3,000 visits per month since it was launched in November 2021.
These Canadian provinces are the most in need of expats
These Canadian provinces are the most in ...
Canadian Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser's latest announcements have been reported in all international media. Professionals around the world see it as a new opportunity to grasp their Canadian dream. However, some provinces need foreign labor more than others, and the government could direct the new skilled immigrants to regions that are particularly affected. 
From Cagliari to Lisbon for work: An expat's story
From Cagliari to Lisbon for work: An expat's ...
Christian moved to Portugal four years ago. He left Sardinia to go to work in sunny Lisbon. He had no difficulties adjusting to his new life. He loves spending his free time playing soccer, surfing, meeting friends and exploring the country, which reminds him so much of home.
UAE's free-zone visa's validity reduced from 3 to 2 years
UAE's free-zone visa's validity reduced from ...
In October, the United Arab Emirates started implementing a series of visa reforms. In an effort to standardize work visas, in November, it reduced the free-zone visa's validity from 3 to 2 years. This visa allows expats to fully own companies in designated free-zones. While this change is not deeply disrupting the business plans of free-zone visa holders, it is indirectly increasing the cost of renewing their visas.
These countries still require Covid vaccination for expats and travelers
These countries still require Covid ...
By late 2022, most countries have already eased all Covid-related travel restrictions. However, a few countries, for instance, the US, the UAE and Indonesia, still require vaccination. Japan even requires a booster shot to consider a foreign national fully vaccinated. Some countries also accept a negative PCR test or a quarantine period as an equivalent to vaccination.