Brussels Voice: Expats get involved in their host country's politics
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Brussels Voice: Expats get involved in their ...
Expatriates are often not considered in regional elections and cannot express their views regarding local policies and initiatives in their host city and country. In Brussels, many of them cannot participate in elections and local political life, mostly because they do not have Belgian nationality.
What are the challenges of being a temporary expat worker?
What are the challenges of being a temporary ...
International conventions guarantee all expatriate workers the same rights. In reality, however, there are expatriates and others. In fact, white-collar workers have greater protection than blue-collar workers in sectors that are under pressure. The image itself is totally different. In the collective unconscious, the image of a temporary foreign worker seems far from being the common "expat" reference. They are often granted less consideration and protection and are exposed to more difficulties. What does international law say in this regard? How are countries ensuring the protection of temporary expatriate workers?
Why moving abroad as a digital nomad is a good option
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Why moving abroad as a digital nomad is a ...
Digital nomadism is a lifestyle that attracts more and more people who are looking for an escape from their monotonous routines. This trend is especially popular with bloggers and other content creators, social media influencers, etc., and inspires many to dream of such a lifestyle. Have you ever wondered how to offer yourself travel and freedom of movement while earning your living? For the past few years, the rise of remote work and the democratization of digital technology have boosted the number of digital nomads around the world. Here are some tips to help you get started.
Black expats share their experiences: “Racism is everywhere”
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Black expats share their experiences: ...
Throughout history in different parts of the world, the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another, has been part of the culture and search for power. Expats who have been victims of some sort of discrimination shared their feelings with us.
Is Canada losing its appeal to expatriates?
Is Canada losing its appeal to expatriates?
Canada is with no doubt a top expat destination. However, it is a direct competitor to other destinations such as Switzerland, which ranks first in the latest edition of the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. Australia and New Zealand come in second and third, while Canada ranks 13th. Besides, according to a recent study by the Institute of Canadian Citizenship, 30% of newcomers to Canada plan to leave within two years. Does this mean that Canada no longer retains expats? 
Covid vaccination around the world: who are the new targets?
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Covid vaccination around the world: who are ...
In 2020, the pandemic took everyone by surprise. Scientists and doctors put efforts together to find a vaccine. This became a global priority. Vaccination campaigns started as soon as the first vaccines were developed. At that time, countries focused on progressive vaccination, starting with the elderly and those at risk, but populations were in a hurry to get vaccinated. Two years later, things have changed. Vaccination against Covid targets new groups.
Why does Finland need more expats?
Why does Finland need more expats?
Is Finland about to become another top expat destination? The country is making efforts to gain popularity internationally. As soon as it reopened its borders in 2021, this small country has been competing with giants like the United States, Canada, Switzerland, etc. Why is the country so keen on attracting global talent, and what are the benefits of moving there?
Expats talk about the fuel shortage in Sri Lanka
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Expats talk about the fuel shortage in Sri ...
Fuel shortage is having drastic consequences in Sri Lanka. At petrol pumps, waiting lines are getting longer. People are gathering in the street, and peaceful demonstrations call for President Rajapaksa's departure. Sri Lanka can no longer afford fuel and is facing the worst economic crisis since independence.
Expats in Russia: How are they dealing with the current situation?
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Expats in Russia: How are they dealing with ...
Amidst the war's consequences on the Russian economy, some expats had quietly left the country. Businesspeople, academics, and students who stayed rethink their stay after Russia's invasion of Ukraine and others take advantage of the country's labor shortage to stay as the war has barely impacted Moscow. 
How do restrictions and compulsory masks affect expat plans?
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How do restrictions and compulsory masks ...
Travel and moving abroad plans are back on track as summer approaches in many countries. However, health restrictions seem to be a heavyweight in the balance for many. While some have delayed their travel plans until better days, others simply gave up. Why would they move to a country with so many restrictions when their home country lifted its restrictions?
Expat remittances: How does this affect the UK economy and expat lives?
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Expat remittances: How does this affect the ...
World Bank Bilateral Remittances Matrix has continuously placed the UK as the fourth largest remittance sender in the world. The latter source lists India, Nigeria, and Pakistan as the main destinations of remittances from the UK. In addition, according to a report from the United Nations' education agency, migrant workers in the UK, many in low-paid jobs, are sending £8bn a year to support families in their home countries, a transfer known as a remittance. 
How do expat remittances affect the US economy and expat lives?
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How do expat remittances affect the US ...
The US is one of the countries with more immigrants in the world. It is actually on the list of the top 10 Countries with the highest number of immigrants — 50.6 million. And Americans are also expats, according to the Association of American Residents Overseas, 8.7 million Americans (excluding military) live in 160-plus countries. Every migrant chooses to leave home for different reasons, but many do to contribute to their families and communities in their country of origin by sending money home, a transfer known as a remittance.
How expats in Japan cope with earthquakes and natural disasters
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How expats in Japan cope with earthquakes ...
On March 16, at 11:36 p.m. local time, tremors of a magnitude of 7.4 on the Richter scale were recorded in Japan. The epicentre was 60km deep, under the Pacific Ocean, off the province of Fukushima. A tsunami alert was immediately given, bringing back the painful memory of the 2011 events with a death toll of 18,500.
Expats in Hong Kong speak of harsh living conditions
Hong Kong
Expats in Hong Kong speak of harsh living ...
Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hong Kong has introduced strict entry conditions like a three-week quarantine on arrival in huge quarantine centers and hotels requisitioned by the authorities. Meanwhile, residents are finding their living conditions even tougher living conditions, being isolated since a fifth wave hit the city. According to EU representative Thomas Gnocchi, 10% of Europeans have already left Hong Kong last February, and figures have been rising ever since.
Why are expats leaving Shanghai ?
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Why are expats leaving Shanghai ?
Time passes and looks alike in Shanghai. As in the rest of China, life seems to have come to a standstill since March 2020. The government isn't ready to abandon its "zero Covid" policy while most countries around the world have reopened their borders and eased their health restrictions. The Chinese population is desperate, and so are expats in Shanghai who are more than ever ready to relocate overseas and escape their suffocating everyday life.
How are countries coping with eased health restrictions and new Covid peaks?
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How are countries coping with eased health ...
In most countries, people seem to have got used to living with the Covid. In fact, most of us yearn to get back to a normal life. Still, Covid cases start rising again as soon as we drop the mask. There are many causes of this situation, such as people refusing to get vaccinated, non-respect of barrier gestures, carelessness, etc. Many experts believe that normal life will no longer be what it used to be. In some regions, people have started wearing masks once again, fearing new contamination.
Working abroad: How important are company values for expats?
Working abroad: How important are company ...
"The Great Resignation" is a phenomenon that has shaken the United States for more than a year now. The latest peak was reported in November 2021, with more than 4.5 million resignations. Fortunately, this trend hasn't spread to Europe, but entire sectors are currently facing a labour shortage. At the same time, more and more workers are looking for a change of career within a company having values that match theirs. So what if The Great Resignation was questioning the whole world of work? How important should company values be for expats?
Rising flight prices: What does this mean for expats?
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Rising flight prices: What does this mean ...
The rise in oil prices around the world is affecting all economies, starting with the transport sector. Pessimistic experts are forecasting an increase to 200 dollars per barrel by the end of the year, but this would be an unrealizable disaster scenario for others. Since the early days of the pandemic, airline companies have been warning of a possible rise in flight ticket prices. Repeated crises bear a cost that they cannot fully absorb. Unfortunately, consumers at the end of the supply chain have to take the brunt. How does all this affect moving abroad plans?

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One million workers in 2023: A result of the Polish economic miracle?
One million workers in 2023: A result of the ...
One could call it the "Polish economic miracle". With sustained growth and low unemployment, the country presents many benefits for foreign workers. The war in Ukraine has also played a major role in the increase in the number of migrant workers. But what are the opportunities available for foreigners in Poland?
Luxembourg struggles to hire foreign talent
Luxembourg struggles to hire foreign talent
Attracting international talent is no easy thing. Faced with a severe labor shortage, Luxembourg is finding it hard to hire foreign talent. Aware of the current situation, the government recently introduced a new tax incentive for highly qualified foreigners. But will that be enough to attract foreign talent?
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for expats?
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for ...
Following years of euphoria and a strong hiring trend in the early days of COVID, uncertainty took over the US Tech sector. Successive waves of layoffs worldwide have left thousands of employees in shock. The situation is particularly critical in the United States, with foreigners forced by their visas to find a job quickly. But what led to such a huge surge in layoffs? What is the future of the US tech sector, and how are foreign workers impacted?
South Korea: These sectors are currently facing labor shortages
South Korea
South Korea: These sectors are currently ...
Will 2023 be the year of a new economic and even demographic boost in South Korea? This is the government's hope and belief as it outlines its plan to revive the South Korean economy. Since important sectors are suffering from acute labor shortages, it is taking new measures to welcome foreign workers. Which are the most affected sectors and are in desperate need of expat workers?
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration policy
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration ...
According to Swedish Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard, this move aims to "reduce the risk of painful tragedies for migrants". Underlying this measure is, in fact, the political pressure exerted by the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) party. The SD intends to take advantage of Sweden's presidency of the European Union to steer migration policy. 
Singapore's new measures to help companies hire foreign talent
Singapore's new measures to help companies ...
Thanks to its strong links with other countries, Singapore's economy is considered a barometer of economic conditions. However, there is growing concern about the 2023 outlook as the World Bank warns of a possible recession. As a result, the Singaporean government is introducing a new strategy to sustain its economic growth based partly on foreign talent. Here's how this works.