PR Application 2022 - Discussion

Hi Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing great. We are planning to apply for Singapore PR this year, and would like to take opinion/inputs from community if there are some specific tips for PR application or how good is our profile for approval. We are family with Indian Nationality family of 3 aged 31, 28, 1. Both have masters from top Indian universities in field of technology. Husband is working with annual salary of 300 K and I am on break for my little one. In terms of volunteering only key thing we have is husband working with government organizations for company's CSR initiative program as site leader and otherwise works full time in his technical role.

We really love Singapore as a place for its culture, amazing government  and bright future for the nation. This is reason we are considering to settle here for good if we manage to get PR. But reading through some online portals, looks like its quite tricky to get PR application. So, decided to take tid-bits of do's and don'ts from community.

Thanks in advance for your comments, support, guidance and opinion.

Take some time to scan through this forum, I've posted several tips.

You did not mention for how long you are in Singapore already - if below three years, I recommend to wait.
Also, it matters whether your kid is a boy or girl - male 2nd generation PRs must serve in the army and that is a plus for your application.

We have been in Singapore for 4 years, we are parents to princess. Does giving recommendation letters from volunteering organizations, Singapore citizens matters?

Hi, I am an EP holder and going to be applying for Singapore PR as main applicant next week. I joined a new organisation yesterday. So in this situation, should i be getting the letter addressed to Controller of Immigration even from my previous organisation so that it can validate the salary information of last 6 months?

Is there a good chance that a PR application gets approved if more documents are required to be submitted on the 4th month of the application?

guid wrote:

Is there a good chance that a PR application gets approved if more documents are required to be submitted on the 4th month of the application?

ICA asks for additional information, because they cannot yet decide on approval/rejection based on the already submitted documents. So, obviously, the decision depends on the content of these additional documents.

I'm also same in same boat. Is that acceptable?

@beppi- I switched my employer last month and shall I get letter from them for 6 months salary slips and apply for PR? I'm in Singapore 9 years

Jana: Of course it is acceptable to be on the same boat - and post it here.
Good luck in your application!

Thank you

Beppi - Thank you.

Jana - Does this appear on your ICA account?

Ad-hoc Submission

For applicants/sponsors who wish to update ICA on changes to any of the following 4 areas while the PR application is in progress. Please submit the documents only once.

Guid- The above mentioned appears on my ICA status page , have been noticing it past 4-5 days.

Noticed it changed last Tuesday.

What is your timeline? @aishnagaman

My ICA page also shown ad hoc submission 

@jeevanram1979 @aishnagaman My "ADHOC submission.." is gone. But it is still pending.

Guid when did u applied ?

@jeevanram1979 October 2021. Just turned 6 months yesterday and still pending. Do you have ay update?

Mine is still pending 
I applied only in November 2021
Still got long way to go 😄

@jeevanram1979 All the best on your application. Just keep us updated.

I applied April 2021. They asked for a few additional documents on Dec 2021. Approved (IPA) last week.
Good luck to all of you. All the best. 
@guid did ICA ask for any additional documents from you ? 
I applied April 2021. They asked for a few additional documents on Dec 2021. Approved (IPA) last week.
Good luck to all of you. All the best.
- @MIdasWhale
Can you guide if cover letter helps? Or any other documents than mandatory ones?

Hi everyone,

I would like to get your thoughts on my PR application chances.

Year of birth: 1991 (30)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Indonesia (Chinese)
Education: Master Degree in Taiwan
Job: Internal Auditor in Taiwan (have been working for almost 4 years here)
Length of stay in Singapore: 0

My soon to be husband:
Gross Income: 96k (incl 14k bonus) in IT, 35 y.o., Chinese Indonesia.
Length of stay in Singapore : 7 years.
Just got his PR on Feb 2022

We are going to apply LTVP and I will try to find a job in Singapore.
May I know what are my chances to get a PR there? Can you please help me assess my situation?

Many thanks.
Suni1291: A minimum of6 months stay in Singapore is required, and 3 years recommended, to apply for PR. Best would be to have a kid by then.
Proceed to upload button is missing in my ica page does it mean that PR outcome will be soon. Any advise would be highly appreciated. 

@SaiShirdi79 Hi, any update on your outcome? Can you also let us know when did you apply... thanks


Could you please assess our PR chances:

Indian family of 3 (Husband 35, Wife 35, 9 months old son)
Occupation: Both working in IT (lead software developer in global banks)
Education: Both have done B.Tech CS from India
Family income: ~SGD300k (both earning almost same salary)
Years in Singapore: 5
Previous rejection: Once in 2021 (before son was born)
Could you please assess our PR chances:

Apart from your race (which is of course impossible to change), you look good to go in my opinion.
Please come back and report whether my assessment was correct or not. Good luck!

Need help with our PR chances

Profile: Filipino Family
Job: Technical Project Manager
Salary: 104k/yr
Pass: S-Pass moved to E-Pass this June
Industry: IT/Healthcare
Lenght of Stay: 11 years
Age: 37

Husband: Associate Director
Salary: 90k/yr
Pass: S-Pass
Industry: IT/Banking
Lenght of Stay: 10 years
Age: 39

Child: 7 yo girl been studying and staying in Sg since but not born in Sg

Either we try again or planning on accepting a Job Offer in UK. Thank you.
Is your child male? That would help immensely.

@John Jobs no. forgot to mention. thanks

In that case, if the offer from the UK is a good one I would accept it in a heartbeat. It will offer your family much more certainty in the long run and the UK has so much more to offer than Singapore imho.
Caramelvanilla: I think your chances are good, as you tick all the usual boxes.
But the decision between UK or Singapore is of course an important and potentially difficult one. I agree with John above that UK is better for family life and for children (if you can accept the European way of giving them freedom), but Singapoe is better for work and career - you will earn and save far more here. And there are of course a million other aspects, too many to discuss here.

@beppi thanks for your feedback. Appreciate this forum so much. Yes definitely looking at other factors. We love it here in Sg but we have tried three times in the past years. That feeling of frustration builds up every time.

@John Jobs thank you for your feedback. It is a so-so offer as we have to churn out a lot of $$$ for the visa processing but I think it's really like that anyway.

Being PR is entirely optional for living and working in Singapore. It neither gives you much advantage, nor is it really "permanent". Thus I do not understand why your decision on staying or not depends on it?!?
@beppi for myself im considering this a big factor as it will allow us not to go through the worrying process of having the workpass renewed every 2-3 years. to have the option to probably own a home someday, child to have a sure seat on an MOE school. (My girl is now on an international school). If it's a no no chance in Sg, i suppose UK definitely wins over this.

PS, thanks for the very insightful feedback. Been looking for opinions other than those of friends and family. 1f600.svg
@caramelvanilla Completely understandable. Also even IF you would be granted pr, it's not a “real”
permanent residence as in most other countries. After your child turns 21 her pr would lapse so she would have nothing to fall back on. I would definitely go the UK route for peace of mind and all the other pros compared to Singapore as mentioned above.
Good luck!
Caramelvanilla: A PR (or technically the associated re-entry permit) also needs to be renewed every 5 years. So far, this was a formality as long as you have lived and worked here three out of the five years - but there is no guarantee that this will always be the case. (I lost my PR after I moved away, at the next 5-yearly renewal, despite my wife and daughter being Singaporean.)
PR kids have a higher priority than other foreigners for MoE schools, but still below locals - so a place is not guaranteed.
Owning a home is possible for anyone, but I assume you mean an HDB (at a subsidized price). Unlike private property, you will not be able to keep it if you move away. (So I am glad we didn't get one.)
And then there is the issue of NS for any future son ...
So these are all not very convincing benefits of becoming PR. I personally did it because of CPF (which I consider an excellent investment) and for the medical benefits - not more and not less.
But in my opinion, this is not enough to keep you in Singapore or drive you away. More important factors are, as we already pointed out, personal lifestyle and career expectations. Both are very different between Singapore and Europe!