Sports in Singapore

Sports in Singapore
Updated 2017-09-15 13:06

Sports amateurs moving to Singapore will be glad to know that there are numerous options available to them in the country. Even though the humidity of Singapore sometimes makes it more challenging to practice outdoor sports, there are indoor options including high end gyms.


Like many countries in South East Asia, Singapore breathes football. A legacy of the country's colonial past, football is both watched and practiced extensively, and English football clubs are akin to cults in the country. Many of the major teams have local fan clubs including, for example, the Singapore official Manchester United fan club, which regularly organizes events and viewings in different bars across the country. Match days at pubs provide a fascinating insight into the fervor of Singaporeans for football. Singapore's local league is called the S League and can be a good way of mixing with the locals. For those who would like to practice rather than watch, there are many amateur leagues as well as football pitches which can be rented for the hour. In addition to outdoor pitches, there are a number of indoor venues such as The Cage, which offer indoor football facilities, 5-a-side and 7-a-side pitches.


Another testament of the country's history is the prevalence of rugby leagues and networks. The vitality of rugby is further increased through the large number of expats from Great Britain, Australia and Ireland, to name a few countries. For general information about rugby-related events and where to practice the sport, make sure to consult the website of the Singapore Rugby Union. The website also presents a list of clubs (both for men and women) which are active in Singapore.

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Water sports

Being an island, Singapore also offers various water sports such as diving and snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, water skiing, etc. Sports facilities are available on almost all beaches. Pulau Hantu Island is also very popular for its coral reefs. You can certainly explore its fauna and flora underwater if you like diving.

You can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing at the Bedok and Marina reservoirs, or other thrilling water sports at the Passir Ris Park. You can indulge in boating and water skiing at Changi Beach Park, Riverside Park and Lower Seletar Park Kallang tank.

Dragon boating

If you want to indulge in something different, you can try dragon-boat racing, which involves racing in teams of 21 oarsmen. Very often, corporate outlets will employee events out on the dragon boats, but if you are interested in pursuing this interest on your own, you can obtain information from the Singapore Dragon Boat Association or the Singapore Paddle Club. You can also join sessions for beginners which give you a taste of the sport.


Unlike other major cities, Singapore is not very popular for riders. The country has a high density of traffic and is not as cycle-friendly as some other cities. Additionally, the climate makes it difficult to combine a work commute and a ride and most of the cycling gets done on the weekend. Nevertheless, cycling clubs do exist in Singapore, and some of them organize cycling sessions. Some interesting cycling routes include rides in Pasir Ris Park and the Khatib Loop. For those willing to combine cycling and technology, head to the Athlete Lab, which offers a realistic indoor cycling experience, using bikes which reproduce the strains your body would experience out in the open.


Tennis courts are very popular in Singapore. In addition to private clubs, many condominiums have their own tennis courts and it should not be difficult to find a convenient location. There are numerous online forums which allow players to find partners. For more information about tennis-related events, check out the website of the Singapore Tennis Association.

Other options

Singapore is a country replete with surprises, so it should not shock you that ice hockey enthusiasts can practice even in the tropical latitudes of the country. For more information about venues and events, visit the Singapore Ice Hockey Association. Other popular sports you can easily practice include cricket, and if you want to experience a walk down memory lane, visit and sign up to the Singapore Cricket Club. Membership does not come cheap, but you will get to experience a club house, a wide range of sports amenities as well as the opportunity to socialize in a historically significant venue. Singapore also has numerous golf courses and other sports you can easily practice include baseball, netball, field hockey, basketball and of course running. In other words, a stint in Singapore should be no excuse for not exercising.

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