Best Starbucks in Singapore

So hey I am a Starbucks Junkie.

There is no better place to write and meet friends. My current favorite Starbucks is the one at one Fullerton (not the one under the bridge)

A recent discovery is the one on east coast at playground at big splash. Which is my second favourite.

Anybody got more suggestions to offer for coffee-houses that allow you to use the power outlets. (As far as I know, only starbucks is smart enough to allow that)

Another tip for Starbucks Junkies.

If you want some peace and quiet on the weekends, go to any of the Starbucks outlets in CBD. Quiet, loads of space and power outlets.

I do agree with the one at big splash ... :)

I also like the one at The Concourse ...

As long as it's coffee ;)

star bucks! Woho :D SHANA!

Did not know that the one at The Concourse was still open.

I went to the one at Gateway Building last week. It is a quiet place to hangout in the evening after the office workers are all gone.

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