Latin dances

If somebody dances latin dances as salsa or bachata ? And interested to attend different dancing social nights ? :)


Tango is awesome ! It is in my todo list :)

Well, go for it - start signing up for classes and you'll get to meet lots of ladies (normally the ladies far outnumber the men)

I love Latin dancing - Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Tango . . .

I usually dance on Saturdays at Abrazos. If you're thinking of taking up tango, do check this place out


I mostly up for dancing :) Meeting ladies its not my primary goal :D
I am a beginner only i've just started to learn , and i'm more interested in bachata than salsa .
What kind of music they play in Abrazos ? Is it similar to Cuba Libra or Union Square ?

Hhmmm . . . in partner dancing, guys normally dance with gals  :P;)

OK, so meeting ladies is not the goal . . . what I mean to say is that guys who wander in alone will not have a problem getting partners to dance with since the ladies usually outnumber the men  ;)

Abrazos is not at all like Cuba Libre or Union Square, it's dedicated totally to Tango. So it's mostly tango music - ranging from

traditional tango

to tango nuevo (electronic)

and sometimes even alternative . . .
Querer is from the show Alegría by Cirque du Soleil

Enjoy . . .

Thanks for the info Ame1ia :)

genadyc wrote:

If somebody dances latin dances as salsa or bachata ? And interested to attend different dancing social nights ? :)

Hey Gen,

Any luck with the classes? m keen to join too but hw do we go abt doing it here in Singers?

MrMuscles wrote:

hw do we go abt doing it here in Singers?

The same as anywhere else in the world:
(1) select a dance school
(2) sign up for dance classes
(3) attend classes
(4) then practice, practice, practice and practice some more . . .

If you want to have a look-see first, check out the Salsa Party @ Studio UP, 79B Tanjong Pagar Road, on Mon, 16 May 2011, 10 pm

Salsa Party! @ UP!

Have a nice weekend


Hi Ame1ia
Is this reoccurring event ?

If somebody is interested this Thursday will be latin night at 7even club in Illuma mall.
They play mostly salsa and bachata with occasional cha cha cha .
And fo salsa beginners it might be useful going to Union square at tuesdays they have beginners night ( though not many beginners there ) or every wendsday at JB they have beginners night with slower music.

wweehh:) can i join the discussion?
anyway base on my experienced last friday i went to Movida, harbourfront because a friend of mine invited me, latin music was very awesome but when he taught me how to dance i step a lot of feet..which is very awful so i decided to learn and join the beginners, :D , so can anybody advise what to do and wants to learn salsa or even bachata, coz i used to dance hip hop and now i cannot manage myself to dance neither of the both:)(salsa and bachata)..lolz:D

Hi riyn,
There are plenty of schools teaching salsa in Singapore . You can pick up one with best combination of schedule and price for you :)
Available schools can be find be google :) I was learning in jitterbugs and i liked it . My friends tried en motion , attitude and JB and were very satisfied . I am sure others school good as well :)
As far as bachata considered ongoing courses only in en motion dancing school  ( i did my research last month so maybe things changed )

thanks genadyc... latin music is fun...i really had fun:)


I learnt Salsa and Bachata when I was in Vietnam. Until now, still remember some movements, but not 100%. If anyone in here is interested, let's go dancing together! :D

genadyc wrote:

Hi Ame1ia
Is this reoccurring event ?

I'm not sure about that. It's best to look up Studio UP's page to check for future events.

Anyway, FYI, another event's coming up on Sat, 4 Jun 2011, 7 pm onwards:
Salsa Nite with 2 Hour Free Salsa & Argentine Tango Workshop


Thanks for the info ! Tango workshop sounds very interesting :)

You're welcome  :)

Everyone should definitely have a go at it !

If there's only one dance that you would learn in your lifetime, let it be the TANGO ! ! !

Join photographer Pablo Corral Vega as he shares his experience of his journey through the bittersweet world of tango in the video “And Still They Tango” - National Geograhic Magazine.

Also, did you know that one could dance Tango to Jason Marz's “I'm Yours”?


check out social night on friday nites 10pm at jitterbugs swingapore at the cathay (dhoby ghaut).

cheers :)

This thursday (7/6) will be Latin Night on Clark Quay. Free salsa workshops and perfomances .

Let me know if you have further informations. I would like to join to the Salsa workshops too. :)

Hi I would totally love to join the salsa workshops. I lived in Toronto and has learned some salsa and bachata. I really wanna pick up zouk if anyone here knows it.

Let me know the details about meeting up and stuff =D

Hello everybody!,

Well, I see that this discussion started long time ago, but I hope you can help me!

Do you know where can I find salsa casino classes?, or any place where I can find someone dancing salsa? I really love it!!!,, hope you can help!

Thank you


Hi Lilis ,
Those schools teaching salsa casino:

You can dance salsa every day in Singapore 
There are few clubs playing Latin music such as Union Square , Cuba Libra, Movia and Azzukar.
Also there is really nice dance floor at 7even club located at Bugis area. They got socials every second Thursday . T
And also dancing schools have socials few times a week .
So if you are salsa lover you can search on FB "Where to salsa in Singapore" it's weekly updated list of Salsa and other latin dances events.
Hope to see you on dance floor  :)

P.S. You can PM me if you need more info , will be glad to help :)

anyone in Singapore knows how to dance zouk?

As far as i know only one place teaches Zouk here : … kpart1.htm
But i could be wrong.
In two left feet they also do Zouk socials sometimes.

I'm looking for tap classes and Siamesecat told me about jitterbugs swingapore I also like to learn other dances and this looks like a good place

Thank you so much Genadyc!, you gave enough information!, I hope we can keep in touch to see if there is an event !!!!..

Thank so much! and nice to meet you.. It seems that you know how to dance salsa!.. =D.. take care!

Speaking about event, this thurdsay 4/8 it will be Latin Night at Clarke Quay again.
The event is FREE.
- Various life bands will play
- Big open air dance floor ( super fun but a bit hot :) )
- Perfomances and free workshops

Come to dance and enjoy good latin music :) !

Where exactly in Clarke Quay is this event going to be?

Just on the square where the fountain

cool may come down and check it out.

Now there is a dance festival in Singapore. It will be lots of cool free perfomanses :) And cheap workshops … dults.html
So if you are interested in dancing and not sure what kind of dance to choose is to try different styles!

P.S. Argentinian Tango this Sunday ! I am going ! Finally !

genadyc wrote:

P.S. Argentinian Tango this Sunday ! I am going ! Finally !

That's great ! ! ! When you're ready for a milonga, do join us for the San Telmo Milonga at Abrazos on a Saturday . . .

By the way, Mosaic Dance is having their Open House this coming Sun, 21 Aug 2011.

Intro classes @ $5.00

* New York Salsa from 2.00 - 2.45 pm
* Tango Nuevo from 3.00 - 3.45 pm


Thanks Ame1ia !
Very usefull info . I think i'll go for tango nuevo intro class :)


I have a friend who can teach you Salsa and other forms of dancing.

(moderated: no free ads please)

hello! if anyone is interested in learning latin ballroom dances - particularly cha cha and rumba. i know studios that teach it! :)

email me at [email protected]

cheers to all dancers!

New here, just signed up and been in singapore for a week.

Love dance..latin dancing included =)

MyXinLe wrote:

New here, just signed up and been in singapore for a week.

Love dance..latin dancing included =)

Then come to social dancing :) God way to enjoy the dance and also meet new people !

I see this thread started ages ago. I hope that someone might still keep up with the forum.

I am an LA salsera and interested in salsa nights. I have done some tango but I am not sure if I can do. However, I am very interested in Kizomba. Any suggestions?

I will be in Singapore in mid Oct and living there for 2 years. Clementi is my base and have no idea how easy commuting is.

I would really appreciate some guidance and welcome any conversations with people who share the same interest too in regard with making friends too.


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